Where's the cash gone, Henry ?

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Where’s the cash gone , Henry ???


Since the meeting on March 2nd of the GLNF temporary administrator, Maître Monique Legrand and FMR Lawyer, the Batonnier Teitgen, the Brethren are entitled to ask,


Where’s the cash gone, Henry ???


At the end of December 2010 the GLNF Financial and Administrative Director, Henry Sidery indicated that the cash reserve was 6.82 million euros. An “official” audit published on August 25th 2010 gave a figure of 7.306 million. And the same Henry the Beancounter made a projection for the end of January (just 5 weeks ago) of 8.52 million.


You can imagine Batonnier Teitgen’s stupefaction last Wednesday when Maître Legrand told him the cupboard was bare. The reason she has been calling for the Brethren to pay their fees is that there is no cash available.


Questions :


  1. Did the GLNF management lie to the expert auditors in August ?
  2. Did Henry the Beancounter “invent” the figures of 6.82 million and 8.52 million ?
  3. Has someone (Henry the Beancounter, for example) forgotten to tell Maître Legrand about some transfer from the GLNF bank account to some short-term investment or into one of those “structures” where Big Moustache has a lot of experience ?
  4. Has the money been stashed somewhere in a ploy to frighten the Brethren into pulling out their cheque books ?
  5. With all her experience as a legal administrator how is it that Maître Legrand (who has been in charge of the GLNF since January 24th) has taken so long to come to the conclusion that there is no cash ?


We will get the truth eventually but, in the meantime, NO GENERAL ASSEMBLY, NO CASH !! The bare cupboard might even push Maître Legrand to hasten the calling of the assembly.


One thing is sure, Maître Legrand must be beginning to understand why so many Brothers are heartily sick and tired of the delaying tactics of our self-proclaimed spiritual guide.


And don't forget, there are 2 beancounters at the top of the pyramid. Before becoming a legal eagle our self-proclaimed spiritual guide, Honorary Consul for Djibouti in Marseilles, Air Bongo frequent flyer, recipient of unsolicited correspondence from the Elysée Palace and EX-Grand Master "Oh shit, I've shot myself in the foot!!" of the GLNF, François Stifani was what in France we call an "expert comptable". You all know the definition of an "EXPERT". an "EX" is a has-been" and a "SPIRT" is a drip under pressure !!!!


Where's the cash gone, François & Henry ??


Maître Legrand has promised to give the GLNF books to the FMR lawyer within a week. LML in English trusts that she will do so because we are still waiting for the note she promised “within a week” at the end of the previous meeting she had with the FMR and GLNF lawyers, last St Valentine’s Day.


Another bit of news : Maître Legrand is considering a system of electronic voting for the General Assembly. But the statutes stipulate that the vote is by raised hands. And the statutes can’t be changed without a general assembly !! Dog biting its tail !!


In the meantime :


Where’s the cash gone, François & Henry ??

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Marshmuchmulcher 03/08/2011 09:45

Maybug in March, April will parch.
(Wessex proverb)
The year looks like it will be hot!

Maybug 03/07/2011 09:49

False declarations of amounts in the accounts or of money not in the account is contempt of court. It looks more and more that we are moving towards criminal investigations and procedures. If that
happens, the civil procedures with n administrator will have to cease. Dissolution ofthe GLNF could result.Then all the hopes of retrieving any capital or estate will be seriuosly threatened.

Winnie 03/07/2011 10:53

My Brother, softly, softly, catchee monkey !! For the moment we have no definite proof, merely statements that oblige us to ask questions. If the figures given by Henry the Beancounter in an
official document are incorrect we are entitled to ask how the error occurred, by simple human mistake or deliberately. The first is a professional error and would need to be sanctioned by the
administrator of the GLNF. But with figures between 6.8 and 8.5 million euros published between October 2010 and January 2011 I find it difficult to believe that Henry got his figures wrong 3
times in a row !! The second lies in the field of criminal law and it is then up to the courts to handle the affair. You are correct in stating that a criminal investigation has priority and
precedence over a civil case. Let us hasten slowly. The next important step is the opening of the GLNF books to Batonnier Teitgen. That will give us much of the information we need.