Where there’s smoke, there’s fire !

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Christian Blanc, former minister for the development of greater Paris would appear to have had his career shot down in flames or, at best, severely compromised . The “Canard Enchaîné” a French weekly newspaper with a large satirical bent, revealed recently that the then minster had spent more than 11000 € of public money in cigars for his personal consumption. François Fillon, the French Prime Minister immediately demanded Blanc’s resignation. A sudden reversal to what had been till then a brilliant career. In addition to the resignation, Fillon demanded the reimbursement of the 11000 €. Blanc immediately repaid 4500 €, admitting that was approximately the amount he had consumed himself. Blanc was suddenly no longer "Persil" white !


So, where did the other 7000€ of Havanas go ? Christian Blanc suggests they ended up on the third floor of the Pisan bunker !!! He accuses his former ministerial department head, Guillaume Jublot, of having tried to hide 4 boxes of cigars as he tried to “smuggle” them into Pisan. This accusation is confirmed by Christian Blanc’s ministerial chauffeur who drove Guillaume Jublot to the GLNF headquarters in the ministerial limousine. As you can imagine Guillaume Jublot denies everything and has laid a complaint against Blanc for libel.


Neither Christian Blanc nor Guillaume Jublot are Freemasons. Where is the connection with GLNF ? While Jublot was ministerial department head he was also head of Ephesse’s notorious “phantom cabinet”, that group of non-GLNF, non-Freemason advisors that the self-proclaimed spiritual guide to the GLNF miasmas concocted without consulting them. As if with a membership of 43000 he couldn’t find the necessary competences and capacities to assist him !


I haven’t seen the candles in the Pisan Grand Temple being lit with Havanas. I suppose they must have been reserved for higher purposes, perhaps as high as the third floor of the bunker.


All this may seem small beer. In fact, it’s the old story of wheels within wheels. Doesn’t the name Christian Blanc ring a bell when you think of a letter sent to Nicolas Sarkozy on GLNF letterhead ?


“Mister President of the Republic,


I am writing to you to inform you of my active support of Christian BLANC, Brice HORTEFEUX, Roger KAROUTCHI, Hubert FALCO and Christine BOUTIN (all government ministers) in their functions.”


And Guillaume Jublot’s partner is the daughter of Robert Bourgi, the same Robert Bourgi who spent a fair part of his life carrying briefcases full of cash from certain African heads of state (also Grand Masters of the Grand Lodges of their country, GLs created by the GLNF) to aid certain French politicians and political parties. (see “Chirac Noir” by F-X Deschave and “Les Mallettes de la République” by Pierre Péan).


The longer this saga goes on the more I get the impression that the GLNF crisis is just a very small part of an institutionalised « system », and that we, the opposition, will make little progress because the system protects itself at all levels.


Back to Christian Blanc, the only man who owes his life to a cigar. In September 2001 he was director of Merrill Lynch in a certain tower in New York. At the moment the plane hit the building he had stepped outside for a cigar !


It is totally chauvinistic to write the following but it's loosely related to our subject and I am only quoting our Brother Rudyard Kipling :


“A woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke” !

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