Where will François go for his holidays this year ???

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Where will François go for his holidays this year ???


Monaco ? Out !!! Poland ? No !!! Belgium ? Certainly not !!! Switzerland ? Not even with a briefcase full of untraceable notes !!! Luxembourg ? Not even with 2 briefcases !!! Germany ? Stricte verboten !!! England, Scotland or Ireland ? Wait until after June 8th !!! Spain ? Not after the Barcelona refusal !!! rumours are circulating that other european Grand Lodges are about to sign declarations concerning the GLNF !!! Anywhere in Metropolitan France is out of the question !!! And Réunion, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Tahiti are also off the list !!!


François must be getting the impression that the world is shrinking. But all is not lost. Just yesterday LML in English published his letter of to an ex GM (like François, but for a different reason, the other one merely finished his mandate) of the GL of Ohio in which our ex self-appointed spiritual guide indulged in an exercise of self congratulation because the GLNF has created Lodges in other parts of the world like Africa (and don’t we know about that !!!) and even South East Asia.


Bad luck again, François !!! Look what 7 WMs from China, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam have declared jointly :link


Translation :


Joint declaration from the Asian Lodges


The Brethren of the Asian Lodges have learned that the Most Worshipful Brother Jacques Parot have been relieved of his functions in a letter sent by e-mail on May 19th 2011 and trhat he is to appear before the Disciplinary Council.


The motives invoked to justify this sanction are totally baseless,


firstly because the terms of this letter, sent as a circular, cannot apply to the MWB Jacques Parot


who has never sought the support of any Brother in his stances, made necessary by the current events, nor has he exercised in any way on any of the brethren


that he has fomented no trouble in our Lodges, nor confusion in our minds


and who, knowing him well for having worked under his direction, cannot have violated any of his oaths, since he is a brother true and faithful to his engagements.


On the contrary, MWB Jacques Parot knows the Asian Lodges perfectly since he contributed to their development, has supported and aided them, counting neither his time nor his assistance, always available to all, assuming his functions with dignity in the respect of the fundamentals of Traditional Freemasonry and those of the GLNF.


Not knowing the situation of our Lodges, the MWB François Stifani, refers to a Province of which our Lodges are not part and a DPGM who doesn’t exist.


For the past 18 months, the Brethren of the GLNF have divided unceasingly under the authority of a disputed Grand Master who, by the positions that have marginalised him from his oaths taken to maintain Union and Agreement, and by adopting positions contrary to Regular Freemasonry, have led him to lose all legitimacy and credibility.


As well, it is noted the Grand Master François Stifani resigned as President of the GLNF Administration Board on January 21st and that, consequently, he can not pretend to still run the GLNF since he no longer has the quality to take any decision whatsoever.


On the basis of the above, We, the WMs of the Asian Lodges, Regular Masons, Heads of the Order, refuting the bases of the decision concerning the MWB Jacques Parot, consider that :


that the MWB Jacques Parot is the only representative of the GLNF that we recognise,


that no other authority will be accepted by the Asian Lodges until the election of a new Grand Master,


that any Brother of Grand Officer designated by the MWB François Stifani will be considered illegitimate and will be neither received, nor honoured while he presents himself and requests entry to the Temple in the name of this Grand Master.


That it be brought to the attention of all the Brethren of our Grand Lodge :


that the persistence of the MWB François Stifani to remain at the head of the GLNF while he is unanimously rejected, contributes to the deterioration of the image of our Grand Lodge to which all the Brethren are attached, in relation to the other grand Lodges present in Asia.


that in spite of the echoes of the troubles in our Obedience which we hear about, order and the best spirit had been maintained up till now thanks to the action of the MWB Jacques Parot and the good will of all; but that this hasty decision causes a profound malaise within our Lodges whom we wished to protect from the current troubles of the GLNF and continue to maintain the tradition of pure initiated transmission


that our decisions are not motivated by any idea of dispute with anyone but with the sole desire to maintain order, peace and calm, of which we are the guarantors in the Lodges,


that the Brethren of the Asian Lodges will continue to labour under the only authority recognised by them, according to the rules, usages and customs of Regular Freemasonry and particularly, the Rule in 12 Points,


that We, the WMs, will take all the necessary decisions to respect and make respected the fundamental rules.


The Worshipful Masters :


WM Alain Lauret            RL Les Sept Niveaux de la Sagesse 891        East of Chiangmai

WM Bruno Bonduaire    RL Lao Tseu 1858                                           East of Singapore

WM Michel Nivelle         RL Foederis Arca 1524                                   East of Shanghai

WM Georges Razon        RL Tantawan 1030                                          East of Bangkok

WM Eric Guite                RL Wandailan Fleur d’Asie 1636                  East of Singapore

WM Leiton Fowles          RL Star in the East 1600                                 East of Bangkok

WM Edouard George      RL Hoa Sen Lumière d’Asie                 East of Ho Chi Min City


So South East Asia’s out !!! Maybe there’s a sundeck on the 3rd floor of the Pisan bunker !!!




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Marshmuchmulcher 05/27/2011 22:26

Djibouti, I'd have thought, would be an ideal place for him during the summer months. Marshmuchmulcher

Winnie 05/28/2011 09:36

you're right, an ideal destination for our François. And with his diplomatic passport he won't even need a visa. Mad dogs, Englishmen and Ex-GMs go out in
the midday sun !!!