Worshipful and rebellious !!!

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Worshipful and rebellious !!!


Myosotis Lutèce has posted a  letter sent by a Worshipful Master of Lutèce Province to the Provincial Grand Treasurer. link


LML in English is pleased to reproduce a classic example of how to tell a Provincial Officer where to put it !!!


My Brother,


You who sent me an e-mail demanding in a peremptory way, and without any form of polite greeting, to come to the information meeting about the financial situation of the GLNF, I wish to inform you that I will not be there !


Worshipful Master of a Lodge of Lutèce Province, I consulted the college of Officers who assist me closely in the running of the Lodge.


I also sought the opinion of Past Worshipful Masters who have contributed to making this beautiful Lodge what it is today.


I presented your demand to all the Brethren outside our last Lodge meeting.


The reply was unanimous: We must not be represented at this meeting.


We no longer recognise the Most Respected Provincial Grand Master, the most respected Pierre CO., and the power he represents. In “serve” there is “servitude”, and also “serf” !!!


Our Respectable Lodge is composed solely of Free Men of Good Character who kneel only before the Great Architect Of The Universe and take an oath solely on the Volume of the Sacred Law.


Not before a Book of “fiddled” Accounts !!!


You indicate that our presence is essential and obligatory.

Essential for whom ? Obligatory on what grounds ?


The call for fees  that you wish to interview us about is null and void.


Let the ad hoc administrator quickly organise, that means within the month, a General Assembly and there, we will discuss finances, we will broach the subject of management and there we will labour for the renewal of the GLNF.


But, I beg you, my Brother, until then…….take off your Blue Apron and don’t waste your time on useless meetings !!!


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