Would you buy a second hand blue apron from him ?

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Remember that declaration by François Stifani that he intended placing his mandate in the hands of the Sovereign Grand Committee on June 27th ? Well, June 27th has come and gone and so far as I know the Ex-Grand Master  of the GLNF is holding on to his mandate as if his very life depended on it.


Of course François Stifani will claim that the scheduled meeting of the Sovereign Grand Committee was postponed to a later unspecified date and that therefore he could hardly have placed his mandate in the hands of a phantom committee.


LML in English would like to remind him that it was he who called the meeting in the first place. By what right we would like to know since François Stifani lost all titles when he resigned as president of the GLNF Association way back in January. 


And it was he who postponed the meeting on the basis that the Paris Court of Appeal had not brought down its decision. Strange logic seeing that the original scheduling of the Sovereign grand Committee meeting for June 27th was never dependant upon an external event.


And even if you accept (we don’t) that the Court decision could not be pronounced because certain documents had not been correctly lodged we are entitled to wonder if this slight hiccough in legal procedure is not yet another of François Stifani’s manoeuvres to gain time. Any reasonable lawyer knows the procedures for lodging documents with the courts. And any reasonable lawyer ensures that his clerical staff performs its duties in the best interests of his client. The 14 Brethren from Lodges on the Riviera (François Stifani’s last remaining stronghold) are all close allies of the Ex-Grand Master. Was it in their best interest (and that of their close friend) that the court pronounce its decision on June 24th ?


In the meantime if someone offers to sell me a second hand blue apron I’ll want to know what strings are attached and how many GOs have worn it before me !!!

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Chicon au gratin 07/13/2011 21:49

Permanent drills to save it's chair
All is calculated

Winnie 07/14/2011 00:10

After drilling comes the "screwing" part !!!