Writ against Maître Legrand

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From PACA Blog December 7th 2011

signed César du Bar de La Marine, translated by Artutusrex


FMR and Myosotis had announced it several days ago : (v communiqué de Me Teitgen) 

Now we can say that a writ has been issued summoning Mè Legrand to attend Court under sub-pœna on January 5th, at the request of brethren. .

 The writ essentially cites two specific items :

        the first relating to undue  demands for exceptional contributions, the payment of which has become a matter of selection allowing or disallowing entry to grand assemblies and voting rights (which we experienced last Saturday at Levallois, Paris).

This, in other words, is objectively an act of complicity with Stifani and his purges.  

        item two is complementary : to obtain execution of our rights as plaintiffs to information relating to the evolution of the financial situation of the GLNF.

As César has repeatedly pointed out, , Me Legrand had committed herself to this before numerous witnesses following the July 28th meeting with FMF-Myosotis, in the presence of lawyers representing all the parties present

But she has not respected these agreements in spite of our repeated protestations, and despite even the fact that the Council of the Order of Administrators insists on this as one of the main grounds for maintaining respect of the ethics of the profession.

Especially as she founds her demands for contributions, as mentioned above, on a financial situation so-say catastrophic, whereas our information is totally contradictory, it is indispensable for us to be able to have specialists with us to consult the “Grand Livre” or General Register of Accounts; that would also let us see what fees have been paid out and to whom.

It is not untrue to state that Mè Legrand’s reputation, often referred to in various other affairs,(v recent article  myosotis Breton), always with her lawyer alongside her, now causes us problems.

That is why it is now proper that we should require the basic rules of justice to be applied, all the more so as we, whatever the rumours to the contrary, were the ones who chose to put our trust in her.


There is no longer any question of letting this woman continue with impunity, whereas she has become, if indeed, she was not such from the outset, the objective accomplice of Stifani and his system, yet which she herself  firmly  ctiticised when in our company. She lied.

Now she shall have to be held to answer, as is due and correct.




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