"Yes", repeat "No"...Maître Legrand meets the lawyers

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Yes, repeat No…

Maître Legrand meets the lawyers


François Koch, journalist at L’Express, gives the first information on yesterday’s meeting between Maître Legrand, court appointed administrator of the GLNF, her collaborator and her lawyer, henry Sidery, administrative and financial director of the GLNF, Maîtres Jean-Michel Baloup and Olivier Pardo, lawyers for the GLNF and Maître Francis Teitgan and Alexandre Vermynck, lawyers representing FMR. link 

The meeting, originally scheduled for last Thursday, was postponed because Maître Baloup was on Reunion Island (for the inauguration of the new GLNF temple). This incident has been widely reported on various Myosotis blogs. Maître Baloup states that he paid his own air ticket and hotel. He also denies having been paid 200 000 euros in professional fees by the GLNF. 


In a meeting lasting 3 hours 3 main points were covered :


The call for payment of the annual fees for 2010 – 2011

Is François Stifani still Grand Master ?

The summons for a new General Assembly


On all three points it seems that the legal advisors to the GLNF and FMR have agreed to differ on their interpretation of Maître Legrand’s thoughts.


  1. The call for payment of the annual fees 2010 - 2011-02-15


“Necessity makes the law,” states Maître Baloup. “Since the Lodges and the Provinces have voted the fees it is impossible to separate the national part from the rest. Therefore the fees must be called.” (Maître Baloup is in error. A large number of Lodges have not voted the 2010- 2011 fees since they have not been approved by the General Assembly of the GLNF. Individual Lodges can only vote after the General Assembly. – translator’s observation) ”Maître Legrand confirms the call for the payment of the fees.” states Maître Baloup.


Batonnier Teitgen states, “Maître Legrand will only call for the payment of the fees if there is a real cash need.”


  1. Is François Stifani still Grand Master ?


Maître Baloup : “Grand Master and President are not the same…. President is a consequence and Grand Master is a cause. Since a Brother is Grand Master, he becomes President. There can be no other President than the Grand Master. But there can be vacancy of the Presidency replaced by the court administrator.”


Batonnier Teitgen takes another point of view. “Maître Legrand seems convinced the Grand Mastership is vacant. She also feels that François Stifani cannot chair the Sovereign Grand Committee of March 18th 2011 where he should be candidate for the Grand Mastership.”


“The Sovereign Grand Committee has no intention of recognising the vacancy, it is not on the meeting agenda.” replies Maître Baloup.


  1. The summons for a new General Assembly


In a move to gain a few more days Maître Baloup argues, “Since we are soon to appear before the Paris Supreme Court of Appeal on April 5th 2011 I suggested we await the announcement of the decision, no doubt around the beginning of May, to organise a new General Assembly and Maître Legrand agrees.”


Batonnier Teitgen takes an entirely different approach arguing that the President of the GLNF Association, then the court administrator, have not respected the terms of the December 7th 2010 judgement requiring the immediate organisation of the AGM. He states that the President and his advisors have indulged in delaying tactics. It is his intention to request that the court refuse to hear the appeal on the grounds of non-respect of the immediate nature of the judgement.


Maître Legrand should publish her position on the 3 questions next week, fixing a calendar at the same time. All parties will eagerly await this document.


The storm is not yet over !!!







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