Yet another Riviera lawyer !!!

Published on by Allan Sanders

The unofficial result of the single round ballot to designate the candidate for Grand master of the GLNF has given a resounding victory to the Jean-Pierre Servel, the Foellner filly. The figures announced are :

Jean-Pierre SERVEL                      190 votes     61%

Jean MURAT                                    53 votes     17%

Daniel JACQUET                             52 votes      17%

Sébastien DULAC                            12 votes

Christian MAHOUT                           5 votes

Daniel Jacquet, the Team Ephesse candidate, only got the support of the most die-hard Stifaniens, insufficient after 33 months of long and bloody conflict.

Jean Murat, who, even as late as last night was claiming he was “…sure to be elected”, once again got the custard pie treatment. He has many qualities but the SGC saw through the very thin veil that failed to hide a programme that had nothing in it other than an overwhelming and longstanding desire to wear the biggest blue apron. His rejection is the definitive proof that the degradation of the GLNF has reached an irreversible stage.

For both Sébastrien DULAC (of “Acacia” blog fame) and Christian Mahout, their figures need no comment.

So those remaining Brethren of the GLNF must now decide if they really want yet another “Frère de la Côte” (Brother from the Coast), meaning yet another Riviera Grand Master. And yet another lawyer as well. Jean-Pierre Servel, the author of the famous phrase calling François Stifani “the ultimate link between man and God” !!! Jean-Pierre Servel selected by :

A number of Ephesse supporters who wanted a way out of the dead-end

The mass of SGC members appointed by Ephesse merely to ensure his continued control over the GLNF system

And the VERY ACTIVE Foellner group who wanted to keep the well-oiled machine running without anyone getting to look inside the covers of files such as the numerous property trusts (SCI), Hôpital Assistance Internationale (HAI), (Organisation d’Assistance Fraternelle (OAF) and the Foundation for Man and the links creating a veritable spiders’ web between them.

With Servel in the biggest blue apron those files will remain hermetically sealed, the principal ledger will remain closed to prying eyes, and you can ask as many questions as you like for as long as you like. You won’t get many answers and those you get will be vague at the very best..

The only slight hope is if the few remaining GLNF Lodges decide to rise up and require their delegates to refuse to ratify this designation. I doubt that it will happen.

The next event is the almost certain definitive withdrawal of Recognition by the UGLE next Wednesday, September 12th.

GLNF … R.I.P. !!!

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We are all waiting for the withdrawal and that will be the END END END !
<br /> <br /> You only have 5 more days to wait for the official UGLE decision. Pity those who choose to remain in the GLNF. They've got five more years of Riviera lawyer<br /> Grand Mastery ahead of them !!!<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
Servel is a riviera lawyer<br /> Stifani is a riviera lawyer<br /> Foellner is active riviera businessman<br /> Servel knows Stifani and Foellner<br /> <br /> in France there was a famous comic-strip: Les Pieds Nickelés<br /> they were three and planed all the day money tricks<br /> <br /> are they ?
<br /> <br /> Three bad Fellow Craft ??? And laughing all the way to the bank !!!<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />