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Nepotism is not unknown in masonic circles but since François Stifani was named Grand Master of the GLNF he has raised it to an artform. Even those who have great talent and work relentlessly for the masonic good take about 15 years to be awarded their blue apron with the gilded paraphernalia.

So you can imagine the stupefaction among GLNF members when they read the list of François Stifani’s newly published Grand College 2010 – 2012. Maixent A………, member number 71061 is named grand Expert.

With a number in the low 70000’s he was initiated about 5 years ago. In that short time he has risen to the stratospheric heights of the Grand College.

Who was pulling from above or pushing from below ?

What contribution has he made to the GLNF ?

Or maybe the answer lies outside masonry. It is common knowledge that François Stifani enjoys privileged relations with certain leaders of African nations. Could Maixent A……., GLNF member number 71061 be the same Maixent Accrombessi, personal advisor to Ali Bongo Ondimba, President of Gabon elected ( ?) in 2009 and Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Gabon. Watch Bongo being made Grand master with former GLNF Gand masters Jean-Charles Foellner and Claude Charbonniaud

St Ifani, patron saint of nepotism !!!

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