You’ve got mail (from Saint Helena) another forgery ?

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Brethren beware !!


A letter is circulating on the web LINK, on GLNF letterhead and purportedly written by a certain François Stifani, who signs under the title of Grand Master. The letter is dated January 25th but with no indication of the year. For all we know this letter could have been circulating in the internet ether for years. It could be loaded with a virus that will turn your hard disk into caramel toffee and yourself into a miasma.


One thing is certain. The letter’s a forgery. The GLNF lawyers should present a claim to this effect to the courts as soon as possible.


How can LML in English be so sure ? Well, we have faith in the French judicial system. No later than  January 24th 2011 (we’ve verified the year), Patrice Kurz, Vice President of the court and acting under the delegated authority of the President of the Supreme Court of Paris (TGI de Paris) named Maître Monique LEGRAND ad hoc administrator of the GLNF for an initial period of six months.


Vice President Kurz would appear to have a delicious sense of humour. In a male bastion that is the GLNF he names a female administrator whose name and official title is Master Legrand to replace "Le Grand Master". What’s more, her name is Monique, patron saint of  Widows.


One of the administrator’s principal missions is to organise a new general assembly where the eligible voters will be called upon to ratify the designation of the new president of the GLNF Association. And since, as the jurists consulted by LML in English have so correctly pointed out on numerous occasions, the president of the GLNF Association and the Grand Master of the GLNF are one and the same, and therefore, the need to ratify the designation of the new president confirms that the position of Grand Master of the Obedience is currently vacant. This is all the more confirmed by the former President of the GLNF Association, a certain François Stifani (could it be the same one ?), who resigned his position on January 21st 2011, 3 whole days before the Supreme Court ruling.


LML in English has no idea as to the true identity of the writer of the forgery. But it is certainly not the Grand Master of the GLNF, because that position is vacant. We trust that the full force of French law and justice will be put into motion to bring the culprit before the courts to answer for this heinous crime.


In the meantime, don’t be surprised if you notice fewer postings on this blog in the near future. Winnie is busy preparing his candidature for the top job. Blue and gold apron, medals galore (I used to dream of being a soviet general), baubles a go go, official credit card, apartment in an up-market area of Paris with a 90 000 euro kitchen, private jet to fly me to exotic places, on TV at least once a week, I get to put all my mates in the best cushy jobs, maybe even a diplomatic passport or two. I’m going for the job. One slight regret, I had heard that I’d have to smile in a great group photo in Monaco on February 19th. Apparently that one’s not on any more. Pity !!

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Baldrick of Dunny on the Wold 01/28/2011 17:54

You may not wish to add this as comment to this particular thread but it is of interest that all WMs, Treasurers and Secretaries and Almoners in Septimanie have received notice that with effect
from 0800 today all lodge accounts (GLNF & OAF)are blocked and no transactions may take place - on the express authority of Maitre Legrand.

Ca commence!