Don’t accept registered letters

Published on by Allan Sanders


From an article posted on Myosotis Lutèce


As expected, Ephesse and his ever-diminishing circle of fawnicators, using yet another of Miss Monique’s requests, have once again resorted to trying to syphon your bank account ! You are going to receive a Registered Letter with Confirmation of Delivery. It is URGENT to not accept it nor to go and retrieve it at the Post office.


To not accept it, all you have to do is look at the envelope because your membership number is printed just beside your name. No prizes for thinking they’re as thick as short planks on the 3rd floor at Pisan !!!


In the letter they mention a “procedure prior to exclusion” (procedure préalable d’exclusion). No prizes for this one either : it translates as “Pay up or shut up !!! ». Justified by Miss Monique’s call for cash on April 24th, 2012. And in case you haven’t got the message, Stif, Henry the Beancounter and the rest of the merry gang inform you that if the cash ain’t forthcoming, they’ll strike you off. Frankly, I consider such a threat as a singular honour !!!


Why refuse a registered letter ? Is there any advantage for you ?  The case in question concerns identical individual letters sent collectively and each Brother is free to accept his or not. Experience has shown that the GLNF (both Pisan and Provinces) does not reply to individual letters – except to bring down sanctions – and that, under these conditions, not accepting the mail will complicate their life because they will not establish proof against us. This contradictory fault is a nuisance for the sender, and even more so for Miss Monique who is hiding behind Ephesse, Henry the beancounter and the others.  


In any case this will almost certainly oblige them to send another registered letter with confirmation of delivery (which you will once again refuse !) This new letter should indicate the exact sum they are demanding you to pay (a threatening letter). And accepting this second letter places you at a disadvantage.


Don’t fall into their trap. Push the opposition logic right to the end because Ephesse, Henry the Beancounter and the other money-hungry fawnicators on the 3rd floor are not and never have been Freemasons.


Block their only means of continuing their non-masonic actions. Money is the heart of this struggle. No dough, no show !


Show them what the True Solidarity of the Widow’s Children means !!!


Let your Postman pedal back to the Post office with your registered letter still in his bag !!!

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Tony Calvert 04/27/2012 11:05

The art of self-defense is the art of turning an attacker's force back on to the attacker.
So perhaps it is better to receive the registered letter and write back with the suggestion that they, the sender put their big blue apron where the sun fails to shine and go home in shame and with
their tail between their legs for bringing the good name and work of such a noble brotherhood in to disruption.
Do not worry about not being a member of the big fat club, Just be a Brother Mason in your heart.

Allan sanders 04/27/2012 11:07

It's a good idea but we know only too well that thet couldn't give a tinker's cuss about our feelings. And they certainly have no idea of what a heart is !
Nor what a Mason is !!!

See you in Tours tomorrow.