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His master voice 11/15/2012 18:28

BB.Baldrick and Sanders have summed up situation at GLNF . Center of gravity of GLNF has moved down the France. MInds are now differents, business and tricks are now commons in GLNF. Old and
serious BB have gone now, in my Province J can attest. What will be tomorrow, no one knows really, maybe in five years cards will be returned.

Philippe Christian 10/03/2012 23:38

hello Alan,
You should read the last communiqué of FS on the blog the EXPRESS. It continues and is definitively going to finish the GLNF.
It's very sad and definitive to see disappearing a building which is almost 100 years old.

Alfred de Talebonjour 09/28/2012 15:54

Come on, come on, Brethren,
Don’t give way to panic.
The text of the british decision is quite clear. What motivates the withdrawal of recognition to the GLNF by the UGLE, is not the never ending butchering of rituals. Perfectly irregular
proceedings, but read yourself the UGLE Constitution. These butcherings are pepetrated by adorned donkeys who impose their stupidities to loges who can’t help it, according to the rule : “Let’s do
anything so long as it’s not authentic, and shut up in ranks.”
The withdrawal of recognition by the UGLE is not owed to the thundering sorting out in 1995, of an assistant grand master, grand officer in London and a Queen’s relative.
What disturbes the UGLE is not the fact that the late grand secretary, Yves T., one day brandished a document before Peter Williams (At that time GM of Mark Grand Lodge), saying proudly : “ Me,
sir, I’ve got my grand master !”
It’s not the fact that the same Yves T. caused a scandal, declaring ex cathedra and in Ireland, at a regular obediences grand secretaries meeting, that regular obediences had to control upper
degrees on their soil.
It’s not Yves T.’s, then our employee, bragging, when he said to anyone who heard him : “I have in my right drawer, enough to let 80% of the sovereign grand comitee march in step”.
The UGLE withdrew it’s recognition to the GLNF, but it’s not because a grand master is under an indictment for a legacy diversion, with the help of a notary who is grand officer too. It’s not
because the same grand master built a cloud of associations and firms around the GLNF, as for example, a hospitaller found which he presides, financed by a fraternal found he presides too, but
itself financed by GLNF brethren.
It’s not because his right hand manages in Marseille a restaurant, which walls are possessed by the same grand master. It’s not because this right hand is secretary of a non governmental
organisation, minority associate of a building society managed by the same grand master.
It’s not because this grand master is moreover founder of a building society financed by brethren shareholding. It’s not because this society, started with a capital of 800 000 Euros, had more than
2 000 000 Euros of assets at the end of 2008.
It’s not because the shareholders of this society were proposed to give their shares to a foundation in the board of which we find the grand master’s son and a manager of the marseillais
restaurant. It’s not because this manager is director of an anonymous society which purpose is to buy, repair and sale medical equipments. It’s not because a holding which name is the grand
master’s one, is shareholder of this society.
By the way : is this supreme comrade still manager of the Christine de Pisan building society ?
If the UGLE withdrawn its recognition to the GLNF, it’s not because a grand master, patron of a SCP (a lawyers group), is under indictment for corruption, forgery, use of forgery and breach of
trust, after he let appoint as rewarded judiciary administrator of a firm fast at failure to pay, a brother initiate in his personal lodge.
It’s not because in a TV documentary about the corruption between french and african politicians, we saw on the little screen, a GLNF grand master accompanied by two predecessors, explaining he was
flying to Africa to install an african president as grand master.
I’m well informed, you’ll say. No more than anyone else: I read newspapers (I have the papers) and look at the TV. According to this, I may say that if the UGLE withdrew its recognition to the
GLNF, it’s not because the GLNF hierarchy’s exploits are reported by newspapers and television. The UGLE don’t give a damn of all that.
No : if the UGLE withdrawn its recognition to the GLNF, it’s not because all these maneuvers which nauseate brethren who dream of initiation. If the UGLE withdrawn its recognition to the GLNF, it
is, catastrophic drama, because a court appointed a woman as judicial administrator. I bet that if the court had appointed a man, the UGLE had, as usual, closed its eyes and maintained its
recognition to the GLNF.
So, make yourself easy : in a while, the lady will be sent back to her office and everything will start again as before.
As soon as the recognition of the UGLE will be back to the GLNF, they will start again ritual butchery by adorned donkeys, financial buildings behind brethren’s back, journeys in Africa and other
countries, and so on.
And, do not believe that an other elect would have altered anything. For the official candidate, as well as for the so said “opponent” big moustached, (who remained prudently sitting on the 4th
december 2009, when he promised to stand up), the important thing is power.
For the one as well as for the other, recognition is just a power handle. Nothing more.
Neither of them has the purpose to correct anything basic in the institution.
It will be as before, a matter of individuals and not a matter of institution. And as soon as the elect grand master will have bats in the belfry, more of his masonic illiteracy, the circus will
start again.
The GLNF will be “rescued”. Life is beautiful ! Is n'it ?
Fraternally yours,

Allan Sanders 11/14/2012 09:01

Dear Bro Alfred,

I apologize for my very belated reply but I've been away for the past two months. All the historical facts concerning the GLNF you mention are well
documented and have been presented on numerous occasions in the various Myosotis blogs. However, I do not agree with your conclusion that the UGLE pulled the plug on the GLNF because Miss monique
is running the show. In my opinion she's done a disastrous job, just another example from a career littered with disasters. No, the UGLE pulled the plug because Ephesse and his two predecessors,
and their band of apparatchiks, have been proven to behave consistently outside the Landmarks. The UGLE gave them fair warning, knowing that the vast majority of GLNF members were not bei ng
targetted. But, at the end of the day, the dog's breakfast of the GLNF internal affairs being presentede on the public marketplace became intolerable for regular internation Freemasonry in
general and the UGLE in particular. And one thing is sure, the latest events prove that putting Servel in the saddle won't change things one iota.

Flanders province voice 09/13/2012 18:59

Fine and sensible analysis of B Baldrick

Sorry but he should consider that hierarchy of GLNF is now between the hands of a maffia well organised.

When statuts will be completely uncentralised, when stifani and the hundred of fellows around him will be out of GLNF, then we will begin to hope.

Stifani, Foellner, Charbonniaud are not angels, and remain for decade at the head of GLNF. Watch them on the movie of Ali Bongo Installation in Africa, then you will have the light.

GLNF is deeply attacked by a cancer.

Allan Sanders 09/13/2012 21:09

Regrettably I agree with you. Replacing Stifani with Servel will not bring about the necessary changes. An entire system has to be done away with. I feel the
cancer is so deeply entrenched that the GLNF has become a terminal case.

alessandro 09/13/2012 14:34

very sorry you will close this blog. I hope you can reconsider this ....
Greetings from Italy

Allan Sanders 09/13/2012 15:12

Non e possibile. Sono molto stanco. Grazie !!!