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Published on by Allan Sanders

When LML in English first saw the day way back in December 2010 we never thought that we would still be cranking out articles some 22 months later. While we knew Ephesse had more than one trick up his sleeve we were far from suspecting the tenacity and desperation with which he has clung to his big blue apron. We may never know the reason for such pigheadededness. It is certainly not masonic.

But the curtain has come down. The UGLE has banished the GLNF from the stage of international Regular and Recognized Traditional Freemasonry. The eventual ratification of Jean-Pierre Servel as the next Grand Master of a once proud Obedience will change nothing at all. The principal ledger will remain as hermetically sealed as ever. The secrets concerning the inter-relations between the 20 plus satellite companies and structures will remain as secret as ever. And the ephesse - Foellner clique on the Riviera will ensure that Servel remains servile. I have no idea what action Miss Monique or the judges will take to untie this Gordian knot. May they decide the winding up of the GLNF as soon as possible.

And like our Brother Clark Gable in Gone With The Wind, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.” !!!

LML in English has produced more than 530 articles over 22 long months. It has been hard work, like many Myosotis moderators my family has suffered, I have taken little pleasure in writing those articles, I have seen too many Lodges divided down the middle, too many Brethren I once admired have revealed their true nature and the GLNF I loved is a pile of broken stones. But if the articles have helped to inform Brethren across the world of what a tragedy Ephesse, Big Moustache and their fawnicators have created, well and good.

This blog has served its purpose. It’s curtain time. To Steve, Michel and Roger, thanks for your contributions. To most of the Myosotis moderators, thanks for the exchanges, the advice and the authorisation to use your articles. To countless Brethren all over the world, thank you for your support and encouragement. Keep in touch. I might just turn up at your Lodge door some evening in the future. 

Allan Sanders

ex GLNF matricule 56724

GL-AMF matricule 1017

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Allan; I understand completely why now LML has served its time: however for such as me, who will be moving tofrance soon (my house is on the market already) it has been a great insight into French<br /> masonry and intoi french life , and expat life: it wou;d be good if someone was to start a blog/website about genral masonic goings-on in france. failing that I would like to keep in touch with you<br /> and the various other brethren, and continue to hear news of GL AMF and it's fortunes : perhaps you can let me know a few contacts (you gave me some already and I am still in contact with one or<br /> two. meanwhile I anticipate that my new french home will be within a stone's throw of a TGV station to give me ready access to London!<br /> <br /> Thanks for your efforts opver the years and your ongoing commentary of events as they unfolded
<br /> <br /> Dear Bro George,<br /> <br /> <br /> I've replied to your e-mail address giving you mine as well as my mobile n°. But don't expect an answer from either of them for the next two months. On<br /> sunday morning I'm off to St James of Compostela. Two glorious months of no blog, no internet, no e-mails and no phone calls.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
It has been a pleasure reading you and having fresh news from your blogs. It was extremely helpful to understand what was going on. Yes I agree with you that it has been 22 long months and it is<br /> quite amazing how the power of ONE person or ONE small group can spoil it all for personal sake.<br /> <br /> GLNF has lived its proud 100 years and this is a sad day, as we mourn a death instead of celebrating a beautiful anniversary.<br /> <br /> Well oh well. Live and Learn is what I personally take from this episode.<br /> <br /> God bless and once again, thank you.<br /> TA
<br /> <br /> Thank you for your kind words. Yes, it is a sad day. The GLNF was a noble institution admired by Brethren round the world. A small band who had got to the<br /> top of thje pyramid brought the zedifice down around everyone's ears. We are all partly to blame because we lacked vigilance when they commanded us to surrender the sovereignty of the Lodge bank<br /> accounts, when we blindly voted amendments to the Constitutions, etc, when we followed the directives of our PGM without ever asking "Why" ? Let us hope that we have lived and learned from the<br /> experience.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
My Dear Allan,<br /> <br /> As you know, I do not speak your language, but "Google Translation" do it for me!<br /> <br /> I was very happy to meet you and discover a wonderful brother and has such a sense of humor.<br /> <br /> Your work has been outstanding and has filled a very important role in this fight we engaged against the unacceptable betrayal of our values.<br /> <br /> Now that the fight external ends, continue it in ourselves as we already do.<br /> <br /> Hope to see you soon.
<br /> <br /> Thank you for your kind words. I hope to meet you in Lodge in the future. If you happen to be near Guérande on the 3rd Friday of the month you will always be<br /> welcome at La Pierre Bleue 179 (A&ASR)<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
Thanks For your hardware work.<br /> Fraternally