GLNF designates Servel, an entire Lodge votes with its feet

Published on by Allan Sanders

The Brother who coined the phrase naming Ephesse "...the ultimate link between man and God" has got off to a bad start as designated candidate for Grand Master of the GLNF. The ink wasn't even dry on the minutes of the SGC meeting when an entire Lodge voted with its feet. Less than 24 hours after Miss Monique oversaw the designation of Jean-Pierre Servel, Cap Bienfaisance Lodge (A&ASR) in Lorient, Brittany voted unanimously to rally to the GL-AMF. This is just the latest of many more to come. In just over 4 months the GLNF has lost more than a third of its membership, mostly to the GL-AMF, but also to other Obediences and simple abandoning of masonry by a number of Brethren. Pity those who will have to finance the GLNF money machine in the future. The dues are going to be astronomic.

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Geoff Haines 12/06/2012 09:03

My sincere apologies, it's true I did not look at the date and was very annoyed that you were (as I thought) criticizing the new Grand Master before he even got started.
Lets hope J-P Servel and his College of Officers can turn the disaster around and put the GLNF back in it's rightful place in World Masonry. We shall see!

Geoff Haines 12/04/2012 15:05

I have been following your blogs with interest for the last year or two and your efforts to oust Stiffani. Now this has happened and after reading your latest blog, I feel that you should at least
give the new order time to show it's colours and let them try to rebuild without negative coments from you. It seems that you want the GLNF to fail completely or am I mistaken?

Allan Sanders 12/05/2012 17:05

If you look at the dates of the articles on LML in English you'll see none has been published since September. The GLNF needs no help from me to fail. Over
the past three years it has done it very well on its own. Concerning the article you mention in your comment, it was posted on September 8th, a whole three months ago. Concerning the new order
taking time to show its colours, only time will tell. I'll save my comments, negative or otherwise, for later.

Didier 09/10/2012 08:29

Jean-Pierre Servel, the candidate for Grand Manster of the GLNF : lipstick on a pig !