Don’t bank on a June 23rd AGM

Published on by Allan Sanders

Several weeks prior to the March 30th meeting of the SGC, a former close advisor to Ephesse suggested that should he (FS) be re-elected (a foregone conclusion because of the gerrymander) the ratification by an AGM would be postponed almost indefinitely. I stress the advisor has been out of Stifani’s good books for a long time but he knows how his twisted mind works.


Intrigued, I asked why. Simple; as long as his nomination isn’t ratified by the Brethren at an AGM he remains Grand Master on the basis of his election in 2007. And what he wants to ensure, by whatever means necessary, is to be wearing the biggest blue apron with the most gold trinkets for the GLNF centenary in 2013. And to be Grand Master until December 2017.


Not only that, but the longer the AGM is put off, the more likely that Ephesse will have fixed the numbers. Those who have refused to pay will be ineligible to vote. Those who have given up in disgust will represent just so many less votes against him. And all totally legal. No question of illegal suspensions or exclusions. Pure Miss Monique : Pay and you can play. Don’t pay and you don’t even get into the stadium !


And, dear readers, the longer the AGM is postponed, the more likely the fees that have to be paid to vote will not only be 2011- 2012 but 2012-2013 as well !!!


OK, I’ll buy that one, even if Ephesse turns his nose up at court decisions or reinterprets them to suit himself.


So how does he manage to postpone an AGM that Miss Monique will call ? Remember, we are several weeks prior to the March 30th meeting of the SGC ! Once again, simple ; ensure that the auditor won’t have finished his job. Now why didn’t I think of that one ?


Interesting scenario, don’t you think ?


Well, this afternoon the ever well-informed François Koch of L’Express confirmed what the former close advisor to Ephesse suggested to LML in English weeks ago. In his latest article he reports that Balloo the Legal Bear has confirmed Miss Monique’s favourite beancounter, Thierry Bellot, will not be able to finish the GLNF annual audit before June 23rd. Rather, he feels he’ll be ready for December 2012. Maybe he should dress in red and come down the Pisan 3rd floor chimney !


And why can’t Father Christmas finish checking the columns of figures ? Could it be that another beancounter even closer to Ephesse is slow out of the blocks as usual ?


Of course none of this surprises anyone who has followed François Stifani’s total disdain of normal procedure, masonic good behaviour, respect for the Brethren and the laws of the land.


And to top it all off Balloo the legal Bear casts Ephesse in the role of Pope. Asked if the Brethren should refuse to ratify François Stifani on the basis that the SGC is not representative of the Obedience he replied, "Tjhe SGC does'nt have to be representative of the the Lodges, like the College of cardinals doesn't have to be representative of the parishes!!!" Let's not forget that someone suggested Ephesse was the ultimate link between man and God ! They tell me there's a swimming pool in the Pisan basement and Stifani is trying to walk on it. For the moment he's still getting his feet wet !!!


Brethren, if you really believe this latest cartload of codswallop that Ephesse and Balloo the Legal Bear have cooked up, if you are one of the masonic sheep who bleat, “I’m waiting to see the outcome of the June 23rd AGM”, you’re about to be shorn and fleeced yet again.


It has nothing whatsoever to do with an audit, particularly when we’ve already seen the results of a Stifani inspired audit : 2 + 2 = 4 !!!. It has everything to do with remaining on power, being in the brightest light in 2013, wearing the biggest blue apron, putting off inevitable negative court rulings and banking even more fees from the gullible Brethren.

Ite , missa est !!!


Forget it, walk away, come to the GL-AMF, be in Tours on April 28th. At least you know that date won’t be postponed on some cock and bull excuse. And it’s totally transparent.

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