Hoist with his own petar… !!!

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Literally, “blown up by his own explosive”. The phrase comes from Hamlet and means that the tables are turned on he who performs the act. I won’t go into Shakespeare’s all too obvious pun on petard, French for “fart”. A French saying with the same meaning is “l’arroseur arrosé”, far less graphic.


Having hired Gorillas Incorporated to control entry to the Pisan bunker and at the same time complaining that material has gone missing from Pisan Lodges, ephesse is hoist by his own petar.


To get in you have to show your GLNF card with the blue sticker, confirming you have knuckled under to Miss Monique’s pressure to make an “illegal” exceptional contribution. “Open Sesame”, you’re in and therefore you are free to sack and pillage, hardly good Masonic behaviour. But if things have gone missing it’s because someone got past the Tyler and Gorillas Incorporated.


If your GLNF card lacks the little blue sticker Gorillas Incorporated will throw you to the ground and drag you out of the building by your ankles, as per the incident on the evening of September 29th. Your dignity, and quite possibly your bodily parts, will be bruised and battered but at least you know you are a good Mason who has not pilfered the masonic material of your Brethren !!!

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