AN APGM, the PO's and 17 WM's say "NO"

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          An APGM, the PO’s and 17 WM’s say « NO » !!!

It’s spreading !!


The dissension within Provincial Officers is spreading. We’ve already published letters from three PGMs condemning the stance of our self-proclaimed spiritual guide.


Now’s the turn of the entire southern quarter of the Languedoc Roussillon Province. In a jointly signed letter to the Provincial Grand Master, dated March 5th 2011, Bruno Mercier, the Assistant Provincial Grand Master in charge of the Roussillon – Cerdagne sector, all the Provincial Officers and the Worshipful Masters of the entire 17 Lodges wrote :link


Most Respected Provincial Grand Master,


I wrote to you not only personally but as the spokesman for the Provincial Officers and the current Worshipful Masters of the Lodges of Roussillon- Cerdagne, who have all co-signed this letter.


We wish to draw to your attention, firstly to our analysis of the current situation of our Obedience and on the consequences that we fear in the short to medium term and, secondly, to the orientation that we hope will be taken in the refounding of our statutes and by-laws in order to avoid such disorder in the future.


Today the management of the GLNF has lost all credibility with all the Brethren including the Fellow Craft and the Entered Apprentices who, unfortunately, cannot be unaware of the erring ways of François Stifani and of those who continue to stand by him. For one and all the Presidency of the Association and the Grand Mastership are in- dissociable and therefore we consider we no longer have a Grand Master.


In this regard it is to be noted that the oaths that we swore are only valid if the rules and principles upon which they are based are respected. That is no longer the case and we are freed of all obligations concerning the Parisian leaders of the GLNF.


All the acts and texts from the team in place only serve to reinforce the lack of credibility of the Administration Board and of François Stifani’s advisors.


The Brethren are sick of the manoeuvres which ruin their hopes of a return to calm which will enable spiritual labour, the very reason for the existence of our Lodges and the Obedience. All are equally in despair before the deplorable image the GLNF portrays of Regular Freemasonry, be it among our Grand Lodge friends or in the outside world which delights in reading about our “affairs”.


It is to be feared that if a clarification isn’t forthcoming, notably concerning the renunciation by François Stifani of all positions he holds or has held within the GLNF, that many Brethren will leave the obedience before this Summer. Some will leave and abandon their spiritual quest, others will go to other Obediences or to other regular Grand Lodges. No matter what their choice it will be an enormous waste and loss for us.


The resistance is such that all propositions coming from the current management are seen as some sort of trap or, at best, a delaying tactic. No project originating in Paris has the slightest hope of obtaining the Brethren’s approval. Therefore all those in Paris who, either closely or further away, have supported François Stifani, openly or implicitly, must be removed from all positions of management of the GLNF.


That is the sole condition that we can hope that the Brethren will accept, will bet on the future and therefore still believe in their GLNF.


What the Brethren are wanting is to see for once and for all the separation of the spiritual from the temporal and at the same time that the Lodges become once again the lifeblood of the GLNF structure.


In summary form this is what the Brethren hope for :


The Orders and the Rites must regain their total independence in the matter of initiations. The rituals must come from them without the GLNF interfering in any way whatsoever. This must be true for the first three degrees but also for the installation of the Worshipful Masters. The Obedience must limit its role strictly to administrative matters. Therefore those in charge of training for each Rite must either be designated or chosen by the Orders and the Rites and named by the representatives of the Obedience.


The Lodges must once again become the basis of the GLNF. The Provincial representatives must be elected from the Lodges and it must be from within these representatives that the Provincial Grand Master and his college must be chosen. And above that, it must be from within the PGMs, perhaps the DPGMs that the Grand Master must be elected.


It is essential that the functions of Grand Master and President of the GLNF Association be occupied by a single person.


But this person must not have the power to name members of the GLNF management. This must function like any association, the directors coming from the choice of the masses (the Lodges) and no by nomination or co-optation by the management in place.


Finally, the control mechanisms must be independent of the management, including the Grand Master. This management must have a real power and the possibility to exercise it. The Sovereign Grand Committee must have the widest possible powers but must emanate from the Lodges and not be made up from arbitrary nominations as is the case today. Today an independent structure to control the finances and pronounce on the opportunity and the regularity of expenditure is regrettably necessary.


Future texts must clearly indicate the ways to revoke the holders of all positions, including the Grand Master / President.


If a new management team is not installed in the months to come with a reform project along the lines suggested, it is without doubt that the GLNF will break apart.


Most Respected Provincial Grand Master, it seemed essential to us to make these observations at the very moment when the future of our Obedience is in the balance. We want to make our contribution by giving you our analysis, by positioning ourselves clearly and by declaring our resolve to rebuild.


We assure you of our deepest attachment to the GLNF that we hope will rise once again from the ashes.


Please accept our most fraternal greetings.


Worshipful Brother Bruno Mercier

Assistant Provincial Grand Master

Roussillon –Cerdagne sector          


LML in English readers will be interested to know that the Languedoc Roussillon Provincial Grand Master is the brother-in-law of Big Moustache’s solicitor, and he is administrator of the Holding Foellner SA (as are François Stifani, the Great Manipulator, and Henry the Beancounter). It’s all getting a little close to comfort !!!


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