François Stifani postpones the SGC meeting

Published on by Winnie

François Stifani postpones the SGC meeting


In a special limited edition of Brèves (a collector’s item, perhaps the last that Ephesse 1st will produce) François Stifani has postponed the meeting of the Sovereign Grand Committee originally scheduled for next Monday June 27th.




I pity all those recently appointed members who had booked train or plane, reserved the hotel room, had even gone to the expense of a new blue apron and baubles.


LML in English would never suggest that the decision was motivated by the postponement of the decision of the Paris Court of Appeal, originally scheduled for this afternoon at 2 p.m. and now occurring on Friday July 1st.

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joaben 06/26/2011 21:42

Dear winnie.

Next friday ? Are you sure ? This is a great danger to base our expectations on court results.

And we have to care of not create artificial expectations.

Court will only decide on the subject in case. And the case is just validation or not of october "AG" Gneral Assembly. Nothing more.

So, nothing useful can appear, except "popular" triumph.
I am afraid, when triumph will fall, reality will appear again.
And we will realize that we have waited months and months, paid Mrs Legrand ... for nothing(we havent already got).

Winnie 06/27/2011 09:44

Brother Joaben,


We've covered this subject often enough (as have other Myosotis moderators with you). No matter what the outcome AFTER the court decision (announcement of
the date of the AG  by Maître Legrand, meeting of the SGC with Stifani's return of his mandate, the appearance of a number of condidates for the Grand Mastership, the withdrawal of
international recognition by the UGLE, etc, etc), nothing can or will occur until AFTER the court decision.

My view is that it will free up the logjam but that is only my view. I know yours is not the same. time will tell who was right.

joaben 06/26/2011 19:16

At this stage, do we really need divulgation of the "dark side of the force" ?

Should it change something ? No ! Stifani will fight on another trial in 8 months time if something wrong appears.

NO ! the solution is not in court ! Everything have already be decided : Since décision of High Court in Paris, he is no more Grand Master.

The only trouble is "exécution" of this decision. He does not execute et Me Legrand, in charge of this execution does not execute either.

So, we do not need any more trials, just execution of the ones we have already won !

Winnie 06/26/2011 21:31

Brother Joaben,


The law is a slow process and once a case is started you have to see it through. I promise you, next fridays decision by the Court of Appeal will open a
number of gates. you'll see.

John 06/24/2011 23:37

Oh, dear, Stifani is tremendous. I laughed and laughed until I fall of my chair. There is a Latin saying which sounds like this: Aegroto dum anima est spes est (While the sick man will still
breathe, there is still hope).

by this I just want to say to all those opposing Stifani that they had the change of killing him, but now that sick man is gaining territory.

And now he is trying to bring the Grand Orient of France in the scheme so all those Grand Masters abroad to see the irregularity of the actions leaded by FMR and LML... Interesting no?!

Winnie 06/25/2011 11:39

François Stifani will try anything to hold on to his big blue apron, the gilded baubles, the big chair and all the associated privileges. Also the hidden
part that we know about but for the moment cannot divulge. But the wait will not be too long.