He’ll stop at nothing !!! “THE” Ephesse speech in English

Published on by Winnie

Those who were at Levallois Perret witnessed the pathetic posturing of a dictator who has lost control of the situation and of himself. His speech was inaudible, it has been transcribed and posted on various blogs, complete with the brethrens’ interjections.


Ephesse was obviously disappointed at the small number of foreign delegations and doubly disappointed that they did not attend the ceremony. But, to ensure that his vision of the current GLNF situation is distributed as widely as possible he has had it translated into English and put on GLNF letterhead (Miss Monique, did you authorise the expenditure ?). Winnie is certain that Ephesse has not gone to all this effort just for the benefit of LML in English readers. We suspect he has sent it to the 172 Foreign Grand Lodges just to spite the efforts of the opposition a few days prior to the December 3rd fiasco.


So, if you would like to read a letter to the Ephessians in Enflish :



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Arturusrex 12/13/2011 13:41

Posted on Masonry for Dummies, I love it!
But, if you call that a translation! My kids are bilingual and would love to make a bit of money out of translating, and they would do a perfect job; compared with which this man spends money on
incompetent utterers of pdgin English to produce such rubbish! Of course, somebody will get paid for it, and some others (guess who!) will be the payers;
Give me Excalibur! Arturusrex

Winnie 12/13/2011 15:50

Ask your bilingual kids to propose the job to Miss monique. At 166000 € per month she can afford a perfect translation.