How many of us are there ?

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A dilemma for us, as we explain below.

The numbers of Brethren belonging both to UGLE and GLNF lodges,whether resident in France or in England, or elsewhere, as far as we know, have never been assessed numerically.

We would like to know how many such Brethren we are talking about.

We know of certain English speaking lodges in France whose members are mostly composed of Brethren having dual membership. But we also know of dozens of Brethren scattered about both countries with dual membership but we have no means of assessing their number.
IF YOU, READING THIS CAN HELP BY REPLYING SIMPLY (and anonymously, if you wish)  "I AM SUCH A BROTHER WITH DUAL MEMBERSHIP", or "II AM IN SUCH A LODGE WHERE THERE ARE  XXXX SUCH AS ME" mentioning where in France your lodges are, that would help us to improve our statistics and also to improve our knowledge of our readership.. (see "CONTACT" in the presentation box of the blog)


- Because, in discussions on international agreements affecting you as to what you may belong to or not, we need to know how many such Brethren are concerned.

- Because we want to try and be of help to all concerned, whether collectively or individually. 

So will you be so good as to write to us with whatever information you can contribute to this unofficial census.

Thank you for your collaboration.


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English Brother 01/24/2012 19:44

Exactly the same question arose in a dicussion with several French Brethren a few days ago, so I shall be very interested in the results of this survey. My guess from that discussion is that there
are probably around a thousand Brethren with membership in both UGLE and GLNF.

I'm not getting the impression that UGLE are hostile to ULRF. On the contrary, the chaps at HQ seem to understand very well why the French are revolting. Nor have I met those Provincial Officers
(mentioned above) who misunderstand the nature of ULRF ... but that probably varies from one Province to another. Here in London, most profess little knowledge and no opinion about the strange
developments in France.

Winnie 01/25/2012 10:24

Thank you for the confirmation the great queen Street understands what the ULRF is. Please try to get them to make a statement to the effect that a Brother
who is member of both the UGLE and the GLNF can join the ULRF without putting his UGLE membershuip at risk. That is the only stumbling block for our English GLNF members.

aurousseau jacques 01/24/2012 09:55

Je fréquente depuis plus de 5 ans une loge anglaise dans laquelle je rentre en tante que Maitre ce 9 Marsil m'a été très difficille d'y parvenir mais c'est grace à la pugnacité de mes FF anglais
que nous avons réussi.J'ai démissionné de ma loge valentinoise en Avril 2011;je suis accepté par les Chapters de l'UK
Je tiens à remercier l'excellent accueil des FF Anglais qui malgré l'anthème jeté sur l'UGLE par Ephesse;ma loge de la GLNF n'a que très peu réagi" aux histoires"blottie dans son petit coin de
province:nous avons été que 2 à démissionner!
Je suis à Londres près de 6 mois par an.

Winnie 01/24/2012 16:21

Dear Brother jacques,

These are difficult times for brethtren of both Obediences. Keep up the good relations work in England. Good will prevail.

John Sage 01/24/2012 08:38

As most that read this blog are aware, I am such a Brother and have been for 15 years. I believe that some members of both are concerned that revealing their support of the Union may have a
detrimental effect on their "relationship" with UGLE. this, I personally believe, is unfounded. UGLE by way of Provincial Officers tend to err on the side of caution. We were all taught to be
cautious! Lol. Now is the time to realise that the Union is not a quasi Masonic organisation. It is just an administration body coordinating information and is doing only good for the benefit of
French Freemasonry. If you have dual membership please let the blog know. Anonymous is fine. Come on Brethren. We are a large group and should be counted. John Sage. WM Duquesne Lodge 48. Province
of Neustrie. Meeting in Dieppe.