The Day of Judgement

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A letter from a Brother of the Septimanie Province published on December 22nd on


Dear Mister future ex-Most Worthy Grand Master,


The hour of your Masonic trial is nigh.


By your attitude and your drifting away (from the central line of masonry), you have dishonoured the GLNF and the function you occupy and, in a more general manner, you have dishonoured Freemasonry.


You have not known how to, nor wanted to hear those Brothers whom you have treated as unworthy mutineers to the point of considering their legitimate requests as vulgar “excrement” on December 4th 2009.


I say to you, the moment of your Masonic judgement is close and since you appear to claim a divine right, beware that you are not subject to trial by ordeal. I fear you would not survive !!!


I repeat, the day of your Masonic judgement is nigh and you have to reply for your odious attitude. We will require you to account for your misdemeanours, both sacred and profane. Besides, the justice of our country has condemned you twice. Beware, for as the old saying goes, “Never twice without thrice”.


In March 2010 you could have withdrawn from our “affairs”, but you chose not to. By doing so you could have avoided the dishonour and humiliation of your eviction.


Now, listen and look around you: Indignation against you is rising up everywhere!


Despite that, disdainfully you refute the warnings (still in fraternal tones) from the various rites and even our neighbouring francophone Grand Lodges.


Your “popularity”, if such a thing ever existed, is fading away, a prime example being the ridiculously low number (70 to 80 only) who came to the seminar you organised on December 3rd and 4th.


Your recent installation ceremonies of Provincial Grand Masters under your heel in the East, West and South West were marked by record absenteeism. They are a scathing rejection of your behaviour that can only be qualified as Masonic autism.


For the installation of the new Provincial Grand Master in the brand new Province of Corsica, a Provincial Grand Master who doesn’t have the approval of our Corsican Brethren, will you need to resort to physical menaces to make them come? Or will some charter flights from Paris and Nice be necessary to fill the columns? And, if so, who’s paying?


You no longer have the right to take from the till. The multi-location annual general meetings have been pronounced illegal, you no longer have an authorised budget for the GLNF. Will you dip into certain African tills, both East and West, where the local populations have far greater needs?


In any case, you and your accomplices will have to account. You will have to account before Justice for every cent that you have illegally dilapidated for the satisfaction of your Ego and your lust for Power.


Sir, your position is no longer tenable, you must leave the stage. You probably hope to gain some sort of personal glory, that of leaving for posterity the memory of the bad Fellow Craftsman who did so much harm to our Lodge and to Freemasonry. But we will obliterate your name from the tablets and, believe me, you won’t be missed.


Sir, we told you, “Leave while there is still time!” Doesn’t this sentence remind you of something? Where a true mason would have withdrawn discreetly, you cling to your position.


Why? Is there that much to hide?


Sir, you will depart far from our Lodge, far from true Freemasons


After your departure, rest assured that the Lodge will rise again from the chaos that you have created; the Grand Architect will ensure it.


I have spoken.


A Brother from Septimanie

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The Brother of Septimanie 12/29/2010 08:25

I'm thankful for your translation
happy new year to all