Waffle, cadswallop, baloney or bulls..t !!

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Waffle, cadswallop, baloney or bulls..t !!


The greatest difficulty a translator confronts is to capture the exact meaning of the original word or phrase when attempting to put it into another language. “Bon appétit” just won’t translate into English, for example. Any student of Russian will tell you that “pravda” means “truth”. But when you apply it to the Moscow daily in the Cold War years you are light years from the truth.


Brèves n° 63 is another example: I hesitate between “waffle”, “cadswallop”, “baloney” and “bulls..t”. Whatever word is chosen we have in this 63rd issue the ongoing proof of Lord Stifani’s policy of manipulation and delaying tactics, all couched in half-truths and approximate interpretations designed to further his cause and consolidate his position.


  1. The indefinite postponement of the meeting of the Supreme Grand Committee


Not long ago the members of the SGC were notified that the next meeting would be on march 18th. The main item on the agenda was to discuss the current situation in detail and prepare its outcome, presumably the AGM. On February 18th the self-proclaimed spiritual guide wrote to the PGMs informing them that there would be 2 preparatory meeting with them prior to the March 18th SGC meeting, the first on February 18th and a second on the morning of March 18th. Do you get the feeling that the stressometer is at breaking point ?  What the EX-GM forgot to tell the troops was that next Saturday there will be a meeting in Bayonne of the inner sanctum. And then just 4 days later he wrote to the SGC, as announced in Brèves 63, postponing indefinitely the meeting originally scheduled for March 18th. The “why” is a model of deceit : that the Paris Supreme Court of Appeal would bring down its decision on the GLNF appeal against the December 7th 2010 judgement at the beginning of May and that it would be better for the SGC to meet after that date.


What new fact arose between the 18th and the 22nd to provoke such an about face ? None whatsoever !! The planning of the Appeals Court has been in place for a long time

Our self-proclaimed spiritual guide couldn’t care less about the decisions of the courts…..when they go against him !! The proof : Stifani appeals against the immediate execution WITHOUT DELAY nature of the december 7th decision. On January 5th the Paris Supreme Court of appeal rejected his request for the suspension of the execution. Stifani refuses to take this into account : he suspends the judgement himself on the condition of another case opf appeal that the judgement of January 5th had already condemned.


  1. The separation of the functions of President and Grand Master


In Brèves 63  the Honorary Consul for Djibouti in Marseilles provides proof that he can be GM without being President of the Association. The proof came out during the meeting of February 14th in Maître Legrand’s office. I quote : “The GLNF lawyers confirmed to the FMR lawyers that the Grand Mastership in not vacant !!” Amazing !!! As if Stif’s legal eagles were likely to make a statement diminishing their client’s position in front of the opposition legal team, never forgetting that the spiritual guide’s counsellors are paid using our fees.


  1. The separation of the AGM and the Masonic Assembly which will ratify (or not) the designation of the President / Grand Master


Here’s news : a 2nd general assembly will occur just 1 month after the 1st !! For a long time Stifani has pretended to be looking after our cash (when he’s not spending it) by claiming that the organisation of a general assembly is extremely expensive and difficult to realise. If so, why now do another about face and organise TWO assemblies, particularly since the voting participants at both are exactly the same people !! Of course we’ve understood his tactic:


to gain time, another month which almost certainly means that the ratification of the President / grand Master could not occur before the major summer break, therefore a meeting sometime next Autumn.

To try to fool us into approving the accounts and the budget PRIOR to knowing who could be the next one sitting in the big chair. No way !! On the same day we approve the accounts and the budget and we ratify (or not) the next President / Grand Master. You cannot separate them. What’s more, the court decision of December 7th stipulates that. Once again Stifani disregards the laws of the land !!


  1. The consecration of the Grand National Regular Lodge of the Principality of Monaco


Brèves 63 stressed the importance of the function in the eyes of the GLNF without realising that in doing so, it confirmed that, if François Stifani wasn’t present (on the pretext of attending a secondary masonic function in italy) it was because no-one wants to be seen with him when the cameras are operating !! What’s more, the Italian function was so insignificant that Brèves 63 doesn’t even mention it !


  1. The Reunion Island trip


Brèves claims it was a success. The photos we’ve seen didn’t show 300 Brothers present… and if it was such a success why were numerous suspensions promulgated as soon as the self-proclaimed guide returned to Paris ? What sort of gullible fools does he take us for ??


  1. The annual fees


Nothing new on that front. Professor Lucas has amply demonstrated that you risk nothing by not paying. And, if the worst comes to the worst, you can always take a leaf out of the François Stifani book on how to maximise delaying tactics !! Non-payment of your fees is a cause for suspension but articles 16 and 17 of the GLNF by-laws determine the procedure…. and it’s long and complicated. We know someone who could gain at least a year in such a case !!


So, faced with such half-truths do we become discouraged ? We are still in the same situation as just after March 25th 2010, awaiting an AGM and now we are certain it won’t occur before June at the very earliest.


Do we complain to the court appointed administrator ? Myosotis PACA informs us that all attempts to communicate with Maître Legrand are “filtered” by the GLNF financial and administrative office, Henry the Beancounter, more and more perceived to be not “neutral”, particularly since he, along with the EX-GM, is an active member of the Foellner SA structure….. UNBELIEVABLE, but true !!! And more and more readers are disturbed at Maître Legrand’s apparent lack of reactivity. Where is the communiqué she promised at the end of the February 14th meeting ?


No matter what you feel don’t give up, don’t resign, don’t buckle, because that is exactly what François Stifani wants you to do. Every Brother who walks away is one less nail in Stifani’s coffin.




Don’t let the bastard grind you down !!!

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