Miss Monique almost all alone at the Round Table ?

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Last Wednesday September 21st LML in English posted an article “A Round table going round in circles”, suggesting the difficulties facing Maître Legrand in getting all the participants to sit down together, particularly since she had not yet provided a number of essential documents and that she persisted in wanting ephesse (lower case only, no 1st because we dare not imagine a 2nd and no “gras”, it’s unhealthy) at the meeting.


We ended the article saying LML in English lays you London to a brick the round table goes nowhere, other than round in circles, if Ephesse 1st and Henry the Beancounter are there !” We should have taken bets on whether the meeting would even occur. Before the ink was even dry Paul Fallet, Supreme Commander of the French Rite, had declined the invitation / summons because :


the Jurisdictions do not interfere in the sovereign right of the GLNF to manage (or mismanage !) its own affairs

he is no longer a member of the GLNF


Let’s not forget that the idea of the Round Table came from discussions between Maître Legrand and the ULRF. Everyone thought is a great idea, a first step in the right direction, etc.




On Friday the ULRF wrote to Maître Legrand link informing her that the Union would not be at the meeting. The letter was also signed by Jean Murat, Jean-Claude Tardivat and Serge Toffalini. An entire 180° of the table will be vacant. No FMR, no Myosots, no Union des Loges Régulières de France (ULRF).


Why ?


Miss Monique has not yet supplied the detailed audit reports (it appears the GLNF management has had them for several months)

Miss Monique still has not extended the audit mission to investigate already and suspected anomalies in the books

The “opposition” to the GLNF management has never been given access to the major accounts book which would give expenditure details that require explanation.

Miss Monique still has not given details of the GLNF cash reserves

Miss Monique has not supplied a provisional of expenditure to August 31st, 2012

Miss Monique has invited / summonsed 25 participants from the current management and only 5 from the opposition plus 5 from the so-called “representatives of the masonic rites” (???), this last being an error that no-one understands.

After 8 months as administrator Miss Monique persists in addressing françois stifani (lower case for the same reasons as in the 1st paragraph)

Miss Monique recognises the existence of the Grand Council which has no legal identity

Miss Monique allows françois stifani to chair the illegal Grand Council whereas, as court appointed administrator, she is the only person who has the right to chair civil proceedings.


GLNF members have become totally exasperated. They are fed up to the back teeth with petty excuses as to why nothing is happening. Rightfully they are asking the person whom the courts have put in charge of running THEIR association:


What the hell has she been doing for the past 8 months  ?

What her fees have been for that period ?

On what basis are her fees calculated ?

What anomalies has she discovered ?

Has she informed the courts of these anomalies ?

On what basis has she authorised the expenditure which has allowed ephesse to parade around the world masonic stage pretending to be a Grand Master ?

Why she seems to be protecting ephesse and Henry the Beancounter ?

Why does Scribe (a shop selling masonic literature and regalia) receive the payments for the Pisan carpark and do these payments appear in the Scribe accounts ?

When is the AGM going to occur ?


While waiting for the answers encourage every Lodge, every WM and every Brother who is dissatisfied with the current management of the GLNF to rally to the Union des Loges Régulières Françaises (ULRF). http://ulrf.over-blog.com/

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English Brother 09/26/2011 04:28

Hmmm, I dunno about this, guys. I realise that your main concern is the internal situation in France, rather than external appearances. Nevertheless, I assume that you want to look good. It can't
look good to the outside world for you to be rejecting a meeting where you would have had an opportunity to confront the current management with the questions to which you want answers. A meeting
like this appears to external observers like "peace talks", and sympathy generally goes to the parties willing to attend, not those refusing to talk.

Therefore I wonder if it might have been better strategy to have turned up. If the other side refused to address your questions, then you could walk out, but you would have shown some willingness
to make an effort to find a way forward. By refusing to attend, you look uninterested in seeking a solution.

Winnie 09/26/2011 10:41

The difficulty is that the deck is stacked 25 to 5, or 25 to 10 at the very best, Miss Monique has not provided the documents she promised to do and with
ephesse present it is guaranteed to turn into a shouting match. Miss Monique must realise that the opposition to ephesse is united and will not cow down to what ephesse tells her to do or not