Miss Monique tries another tactic… …but to the same tune !

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This is a continuation of the article "Brevda speaks, the Union replies, Kurz concludes and Miss Monique shoots off an offensive demand".

Everyone agrees that in its proposed form the AGM next Saturday, February 4th, will be nothing short of farcical. Miss Monique learned nothing from the hammering François Stifani took at Levallois Perret on December 3rd. And she is more and more isolated in her persistence at staging the AGM.


For weeks we’ve been saying February 4th was down the gurgler before it even started. Every branch of the opposition, FMR, Myosotis, ULRF, Ni Ni, etc, has the same opinion.


But now the so-called GLNF management is saying the same thing, but for different reasons. We know that last night Ephesse sent a fax to Miss Monique asking her to cancel the AGM. And our spies inform us that such a request is being prepared by the usual GLNF legal eagles (Balloo the Legal Bear ?) for presentation to the court. More fees, more GLNF cash reserves out the window !


No doubt Ephesse has started to understand that staying on the “President of the Association “ tack is a loser because the courts have sunk that one twice. Since he has no chance of having himself ratified as President he’s gone over to the “Grand Master” tack. Who cares if the court has said GM = President = GM. He can gain some time on that one and then there is always the possibility of an appeal. After all, the January 13th decision was only a preliminary announcement. The definitive judgement has yet to come, and every 24 hours is another day won, another day closer to December 2012 and another day closer to the GLNF Centenary. So, by hook or by crook, he wants the AGM postponed. If he can gain a bit of time he’ll try to hold a meeting of the Sovereign Grand Committee and have himself designated once again as Grand Master. Theoretically that is a foregone conclusion since most of the members were put in place by Ephesse himself with armfuls of blue aprons for all who asked. HOWEVER, even the SGC is starting to take on the looks of the Costa Concordia. It’s taking water everywhere. And Italian captains with lots of gold braid are not the flavour of the month at present !


The opposition stands firm on its reasons for cancelling the AGM:


the electoral college has not been clarified

the accounts are anything but transparent

the promised audits have not been undertaken

the accounts books, in particular the principal ledger have not been provided as promised


Meanwhile Miss Monique stands alone on the bridge, the AGM harbour in sight. And just to make sure she gets there with exactly the right number of passengers, no more, no less, there’s the “Black List”. If your Lodge is on it, Cecurity, “Gorillas Incorporated”, will bar the way. And in order to try to trick WMs into handing over their cash before the AGM she shot off an ordinance to all of us on January 26th.


I’m Australian and January 26th is Australia Day. But a “Brevda”, a ULRF communiqué, Justice Kurz’s decision PLUS an ordinance from Miss Monique all on a day when I should be resting on my oars is a bit too much !!!


So, lets have a peek at Miss Monique’s ordinance and, more importantly, her reasoning, or lack thereof. link


She’s right when she states that the courts granted her the right to call the 2010 – 2011 and 2011 – 2012 dues. BUT, her selective amnesia means she chose not to complete the court ruling that while she had the right to call the dues and members and Lodges had the right to pay them, she doesn’t have the right to “DEMAND” their payment.


Worshipful Masters and Lodge Treasurers, you are under no obligation whatsoever to pay the dues. The “demand” can only be made once a legally called AGM has ratified them. That hasn’t happened yet and I’m sure that in its current state the February 4th AGM will refuse them.


Miss Monique decides to abandon the “dues” tack and reverts to her oft-tried “exceptional contribution” line, still in the same ordinance. In her second last paragraph she calls upon the Brethren to make the “exceptional contribution” according to the text of article 1.3 of the GLNF By-Laws. And she quotes :


“…ne peuvent participer au vote de l’assemblée générale que les délégués des Loges à jour de leurs cotisations, contributions et droits. »


Translation :


« …can participate in the vote at the general assembly only those delegates of Lodges up to date with their dues, contributions and rights.”


Seems clear, doesn’t it. If you’ve paid, you’re in, if you haven’t, you’re out !


No ! No ! NO ! Three bloody times NO !!!


Miss Monique’s selective amnesia is getting the better of her. She “FORGOT” to give you the rest of the By-Laws article. She “FORGOT” four words :


“…éxigibles par l’association.”

“…payable by order to the association.” (translation takes more than 4 words to achieve the exact meaning)


Put those four words after the rest of the article and they completely change its meaning. As on previous occasions Miss Monique is trying to pull a fast one on us.


Yes, Miss Monique, like the dues, you can call for the contribution, but you can’t require them to be paid. That can only occur once they have been voted at the AGM, not before. And you cannot refuse entry to Lodge delegates who have not paid for 2010 – 2011 and 2011 – 2012, call it dues or contributions, you can’t do it.


Any Lodge delegate with the 2009- 2010 sticker on his GLNF membership card must be allowed entry to the AGM.


WMs and Lodge Treasurers, don’t be fooled by what is just another of Miss Monique’s tactics to try to get money from members who don’t have to pay. Smile politely and say “NO!” until your teeth hurt !!!

And don't be put off because you have not received your summons to the AGM. Miss monique sent them out (120 pages, 350gram envelopes !) on the basis of a list supplied by Henry the Beancounter.

I'm WM of a Lodge and I haven't received my summons. But my Lodge is suspended (illegally) probably because I have a tendency to state my mind. That explains the lack of summons. But that won't stop me and the Senior Warden driving 5 hours to attend the AGM. Make sure you do the same. The GLNF future depends upon your presence !

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John Sage 01/27/2012 22:26

You know what Brethren. I'm sick of this posturing by FS and Miss Monique. I would love to be able to speak to them direct and let them know how badly they have f@&£ed up a wonderful thing. I
am bubbling over with frustration at not being able to do something! I have had my Lodge in total join the Union. I wish I could do more. I think it is now a badge of honour to be on the Black
List. This is a list of real Lodges with true Masonic beliefs. I wonder if the wanker Stifani realises that he has created a truly honourable group that seeks to restore Masonic principles in
France. What a cretin to think that he is above the Law of God and Man let alone French jurisprudence. Twat!!!!

Winnie 01/27/2012 22:34

Bravo John. It is Brethren with your intestinal fortitude that will bring us through.