Mutiny on the Bounty -Tahiti says "NON" again !!!

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Mutiny on the Bounty – Tahiti says « NON » again !!!



Reported in Myosotis Hors de France link


Maybe François Stifani (hereinafter referred to as Captain Bligh) should have continued westward directly from Columbia. He could have seen with his own eyes the damage and disarray he has caused in French Polynesia. A PGM (hereinafter referred to as Fletcher Christian) who placed the entire Province under the protection of Maître Legrand. Change your position before the weekend or I’ll suspend you !!! All the Provincial Officers and all the WMs of the Province stood behind Fletcher Christian. So the tyrant on the 3rd floor of the Pisan bunker did what he had threatened… suspension.


Not content with a mere suspension Captain Bligh put the DPGM (Marlon Brando’s understudy )in charge of current affairs. But he forgot to consult the understudy who immediately put quill to parchment :


My Well –Loved Brother François Stifani,


It is with a certain stupefaction that I have just read the contents of your e-mail and various letters concerning the suspension of our PGM the Most Worshipful Brother Philippe G……

Aware of the confidence you have in me I must all the same decline this interim offer. In fact, in solidarity with my PGM and in that, totally supported by the college of Provincial grand Officers of French Polynesia and the WMs of all the Lodges of this province, I cannot accept this charge. I add that I reject your allegation that we are under the PGM’s influence. Our common position, taken unanimously, to support our PGM, will not waver.


We reiterate our profound attachment to the GLNF, to its regularity and to its recognition. We ask you, therefore, to re-install our PGM Philippe G in all his functions and prerogatives.




Worshipful Brother Teiva G…..

DPGM Province of French Polynesia


P.S. I attach once again our common declaration of French Polynesia.


P.P.S. We who are 170 regular brethren lost in the immensity of the pacific, we cannot conceive the loss of our regularity and the recognition of the regular Grand Lodges, in particular those of the pacific basin. Our statute of Overseas Country gives us a deal of autonomy and we can if necessary, but against our will, attach ourselves to another regular grand Lodge or even form a District while awaiting an official recognition.


Most fraternally


Worshipful Brother Philippe S…..

Assistant PGM (if that still means something).






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