UGLE "Wait & see" until June 20th !!!

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UGLE « Wait & see » until June 20th !!!


The joint communiqué from the 5 Grand Lodges of Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria and Luxembourg has taken more definite form by the publication of a formal announcement from the Grand Lodge of Belgium, not only withdrawing recognition of the GLNF but also forbidding Belgian Lodges to accept visiting members of the GLNF. link  

It is reported that German Lodges have received a copy of a formal declaration of the withdrawal of recognition of the GLNF.


Obviously the position taken over the past month by 6 European Grand Lodges cannot have been adopted without at least the knowledge, and probably the tacit approval, of the UGLE. Rumours suggest that the UGLE will meet and announce its own position on June 20th, 4 days prior to the court decision on the GLNF appeal. LML in English is attempting to obtain additional information, including the attitude of the Grand Lodges of Scotland and Ireland. We will keep you informed.


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