Ontario and Serbia suspend relations

Published on by Allan Sanders

Four days ago I announced that I would no longer give news of events within the GLNF, that I would be concentrating all my efforts into the promotion of the magnificent project of getting the Grande Loge de l’Alliance Maçonnique Française on the rails. The announcement provoked a strong reaction from a number of readers requesting that I keep you informed at least partially on what is happening with the GLNF.


Reluctantly, I will do so, but mere announcements, no in-depth articles.


Ephesse has kept this one very quiet. A whole month ago, on February 24th; immediately after the Conference of Grand Masters of North American Grand Lodges, the Grand Lodge of Ontario suspended relations with the GLNF. LINK G.L.N.F.Feb24 G.L.N.F.Feb24


The GL of Ontario, whose history dates back to 1855, has a membership of more than 50000 Brethren, far more than the other nine Canadian Grand Lodges combined, which total about 38000.


More bad news came for Ephesse yesterday, from the Balkans this time . The Grand Lodge of Serbia suspended relations with the GLNF. This could create a domino effect within the various countries that made up Yugoslavia.


Final international news for the day. The new Grand Lodge of Tahiti and the Archipelagos has been recognised by the Grand Lodge of the Czech Republic, their second international recognition after China.

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