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December 3rd, be there !

Brethren of the GLNF, be you Worshipful Master of your Lodge, an Officer, or simply a member. It doesn’t matter if you have never help Provincial Office. Who cares if you have never before attended the annual meeting of Grand Lodge on the first Saturday...

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Dates to note in your 2012 diary

Once the turkey, foie gras and champagne is finished it will be time to get back to masoning and, unfortunately, concerning ourselves with the future of the GLNF. Having already noted your monthly Lodge meetings in your 2012 diary, your side degree meetings...

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The Maltese get cross !

The news has just come through that the Grand Lodge of Malta has suspended relations / withdrawn recognition (we’re not sure of the details at this point) with the GLNF. The information comes from a particularly reliable source despite the fact that the...

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Lithuania suspends GLNF recognition

Just a few days after Argentina, the Grand Lodge of Lithuania suspended recognition of the GLNF on November 12th. Another light has gone out in Europe. link Readers may be wondering why the African Grand Lodges, traditionally so close to the GLNF, have...

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