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AGM, desperate moves by the Stifanatics

With just 5 days to go to the AGM, and no indication at this point that Miss Monique will call it off or modify the agenda, the panic metre is in the red zone on the 3rd floor of the Pisan bunker. Ephesse and his Propaganda Ministry are flooding the Provincial...

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ULRF creates a new Obedience !!!

At today’s National Convention of the ULRF 200 elected delegates representing GLNF Lodges from every Province in France met at Neuilly Bineau. Their principle desire was to find a common solution suitable to the vast majority. Rapidly things took shape,...

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Pisan's black list

More than one GLNF Lodge in three hasn’t paid Is there no limit to the measures François Stifani will take to stack the numbers at the AGM ? Various court injunctions are under way to oblige Miss Monique and Ephesse to respect the last legitimate electoral...

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The Elysée "forgot" to invite Ephesse

January is a strange time in France. You have to be part of the French traditional culture to understand the manic need to be part of the “voeux” system. “Voeux” meaning “best wishes”. Every Frenchman worth his weight in “galettes des rois” must have...

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