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What's going on ???

Review of some of the French speaking blogs over the past few days, summarized, commented and translated by Arturusrex Opposition to François Stifani is taking on a new approach, although the difference may escape the skim-reader. Lodges, under the leadership...

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500 days !!!

Yes my Brethren, it is 500 days since 35 Brothers, members of the Sovereign Grand Committee, stood up, removed their aprons and Claude Seiler read a series of questions to François Stifani. Who would have believed it would take so long ? Who would have...

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A communiqué from FMR

Communiqué from fMR, signed by Claude Seiler and Dominique Moreau on Friday April 15th. Translated Arturusrex Developments are occurring more and more rapidly. It is difficult to maintain a proper balance between discretion on matters under negotiation...

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Vigilance !!! Vigilance !!! Vigilance !!!

Vigilance !!! Vigilance !!! Vigilance !!! Since the publication yesterday morning of François Stifani’s true / false “almost but not quite” letter of resignation as Grand Master of the GLNF there has been a proliferation of comments on virtually all the...

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