Man bites dog… Cano’s Lodge joins the ULRF

Published on by Winnie

Al Cano, GLNF Deputy Grand Master got a shock earlier this week. In his stronghold of Guyenne Gascogne Province where a large majority of Brethren and Lodges march to his tune, he who sees himself as Stifani’s successor had to suffer the ignominy of the creation of a local representation of the ULRF.


But then, surprise of all surprises, the first Lodge to decide by at least a two thirds majority to rally to the ULRF was none other than Cano’s own Lodge.  Apparently the DGM was beside himself.  La Tradition Ecossaise N° 99 meets at the Orient of Bordeaux on the 2nd Monday of the month. Will Cano be there on December 12th ? If so, I’d like to be a fly on the wall !

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