And the winner is …..

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To be taken with a grain of salt !!


The blog, has published a ranking of the personalities the most consulted on its site. They do note that the ranking “is relative" because it was made using the same research terms used in 2010”.


Be that as it may ….


Alain Bauer, former Grand Master of the Grand Orient only achieved 18th position


Guy Arcizet, Grand Master of the Grand Orient only got to 13th position.


Alain Pozarnik, former Grand Master of the grand Lodge of France, and well known author, came in at 9th place.


Christian Jacq, successful author, beat him to take out 8th place.


Barak Obama, President of the United States and suspected of being a Freemason, struggled in at 7th.


Lady Gaga, pop star (What is a pop star with a name like Lady gaga doing in a freemasonry blog popularity ranking ?) got the leather medal, 4th.


Jean Solis, author, publisher and overt critic of the current difficulties confronting the GLNF, got the silver medal.


And the winner is ……


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