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Adapted from an item posted by Guinguingouin on Mysostis Limousin Blog on January 11th.


The aprons of shame were illegitimate ! How sad.

Brother Zorbec, who flourishes his pen in our columns, has the art and manner of unearthing some crusty titbits!

Our Limousin Provincial Officers appointed by J.D. under F.Stifani, have not even succeeded in getting themselves properly invested!  That’s pretty tough on them after all their submission and renegating.

Their titles and all had all been cooked up.

Not only have they no legitimacy (Stifani has lost  his since March 25th 2010) but J.D has even baulked on giving them  normal investment!       Contrary to all provisions for such things, they have gone and  installed themselves in secret, and in hiding! Need we further mention the case of     the latest to be appointed Deputy PGM, who on nothing but his nomination resigned immediately!             

Their discretion leads us to think, (why, yes, think it we really can), that these goodly (but not heroic) souls were suffering from an attack of bad conscience.

I really pity those who accept Provincial rank out of some sort of righteous conviction ; I refer to the “legitimists”, those who stand up for the system as it is, come fair weather or foul. For them, it is a normal way of functioning (even if it smacks vaguely of mafiaso styles)

Why not? We are democratic, and (we understand that for) those who are not in the least inconvenienced by the public image of Stifani and his accomplices and their multiple deviations from proper Masonic practices that daily become made known to us, it is only logical to accept to serve their masters blindly.

On the other hand, I do not pity one bit those who are there from nothing but pure personal ambition: for them to receive nothing from the brethren  in return for their total disrespect of the brethren,  is but their fair  due.

 In the Province of the Limousin we have reached the bottom of the abyss, with “pseudo” brothers who agree to representing Stifani without the least Masonic conscience or respect for Masonic usages and regulations. Blinded by their ambitions they wreak havoc and dismay throughout the lodges they frequent in full awareness of the damage they do.


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GMX 01/18/2011 08:08

Aprons of shame?
Maybe just a Fundoshi or “tapa-sexo”! Certainly nothing more…
The kamikazes who do accept these aprons are probably not conscious of the ephemeral duration of their position. Their thirst for recognition overwhelms their reasoning.
Poor little things!!!