Dog (Ex-Grand master) bites Masters (Supreme Commanders) !!!

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Dog (Ex-Grand Master) bites Masters (Supreme Commanders) !!!


This morning all members of the GLNF received by e-mail a letter from François Stifani, he who used to be Grand Master of the GLNF, but resigned, but doesn’t seem to realise that he has done so !!!), still persisting in the illusion that he has access to the executive washroom and the drinks cupboard on the 3rd floor of the Pisan bunker and, what’s more, that he can continue to use the official GLNF stationery. Maître Legrand should change the locks !!!


In his letter link François Stifani announces that the GLNF no longer recognises the 3 major Jurisdictions here in France, the French Rite, the Rectified Scottish Rite and the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite and that he sanctions the leaders of the 3 Rites for having “manipulated and abused our Brethren” !!!


« …prendre à titre conservatoire des mesures disciplinaires

contre les responsables de ces Juridictions qui ont manipulé et abusé nos frères… »


What gives François Stifani the right to take such measures ? He is no longer Grand Master of the GLNF. Of his own volition he resigned as President of the GLNF Association and, ipso facto, as Grand Master of the GLNF. No-one forced him to do so, even if we are more than happy at his decision. Over and above his decision to shoot himself in the foot, François Stifani seems to ignore the fact that the Supreme Commanders of the 3 Rites are sole guardians of the spiritual interests of the Brethren and that the GLNF has merely the responsibility for the civil administration of the initial 3 degrees of the Rites. The GLNF as such does not initiate, pass or elevate the Brethren. That is the right and privilege of the Worshipful Masters of the Lodges.


Mr Stifani, the vast majority of the Brethren no longer recognise your administrative authority and we certainly do not accept the content of your letter dated May 7th 2011.

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