Ephesse & Big Moustache, plus others, catch a plane (again) !!!

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You read it yesterday on LML in English : Big Moustache is scandalised at the “excessive expenditure” that the opposition has obliged the GLNF management to undertake in AGMs,  communication, etc ; 1.7 million euros that could have stayed in the GLNF coffers (to be used by whom ?).


In the same breath he berates us because there are Brethren who can’t even find the money to pay their annual dues. He’s not talking about those of us who are so scandalised by the antics of the GLNF management that we refuse to pay. He’s talking about the Brethren whose situation is so precarious they just don’t have the money. Laudable sentiment, I hear you say ?

Ballyhoo ! Complete and utter balderdash !!!

Big moustache and Ephesse couldn’t give a tinker’s cuss about those of us who are strapped for cash. Why do I say that ?


Because next week Ephesse, Big Moustache and an important delegation of "dignitaries" are flying to Atlanta, Georgia, You Ess of Ay, for three days hobnobbing it with the shakers and the movers at the annual North American Conference of Grand Lodge Grand Masters !!!


February 19th, 20th and 21st, the GLNF heavies will be at the Sheraton Hotel, 165 Courtland Street Northeast, right in the heart of Coca Cola Land.


You can be sure they’re not flying “cattle truck” class and their hotel isn’t a one star either.




And who's paying ? I'd be surprised if Ephesse and Big Moustache have found the bottom of their pockets for this one. My bets are that it's on Pisan. If so, who signed off on the expenditure ? Miss Monique ? Henry the Beancounter ? Or is it one of those bills that ends up mysteriously in Scribe's books ? Like Stif's lunch tab of 27000 euros for two at the Jules Verne on the Eiffel Tower. 




Why are they going ? If you believe it’s just for the social grandeur, the occasion to show off the biggest blue apron with the biggest fringe you’ve got it all wrong. It is because Ephesse fears the North American Grand Lodges will also suspend their recognition that he is going to the North American Grand Masters’ Conference, accompanied by Jean-Charles Foellner and an important delegation of GLNF "dignitaries".

All the North American Grand Masters, USA plus Canada. That must add up to almost 100 Grand Masters. That's a lot of suspensions of relations or withdrawal of recognition that are at risk. Is it any wonder Ephesse has pulled out the big guns ? And isn't it strange that there hasn't been a special edition of Brevda to inform the Brethren of the way their dues are being used once again ?

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Comment on this post

Mark Keystone 02/13/2012 10:26

But what if Big Moustache is going with two missions at hand? One, as Ephesse thinks, soley to support him and 2) as he probably doesn't realise, to keep an eye on him and wield the knife
(metaphorically of course) when appropriate?

Winnie 02/13/2012 11:08

With Southern Italian origins Ephesse is only too conscious that the greatest danger comes from those closest to him. 

Fabrice Dossot 02/11/2012 18:29

Hi Winnie !
Could you inform our american brothers with your beautiful mother tongue that Ephesse and Big Moustache are coming ? On Sirius' blog you'll find some details about the future behavior in the States
of our Pieds Nickelés.

Winnie 02/11/2012 19:42

Don't worry Fabrice, our American brethren know that Ephesse & Big Moustache are on their way, accompanied by a plethora of what they call dignitaries (I
think they forgot a prefix !). And we have ensured that all the North American Grand Masters and their Brethren are only too well aware of the facts concerning the real state of affairs within
the GLNF.

George Philpott 02/11/2012 10:02

I hope the North American masters give him the "bum's rush"...

he isn't a GM anymore so he should not be eligible to attend?

Winnie 02/11/2012 10:30

Let's hope the Grand Tyler does his job properly !!!

Maitre de Roxanne 02/11/2012 00:05

Has anyone spotted the link between Napoleon Bonaparte and Francois Stiffani? Both short statured non-French leading the French to disaster! Fortunately Stiffani has not caused one million French
boys to die, along with four million other European boys, as did Napoleon. But on a much smaller scale, Effesse has destroyed a well-loved institution in France.

Winnie 02/11/2012 10:29

The Napolen story ended in Saint Helena. Any suggestions for an isolated, hostile island for Stifani ? Kerguelen, South Georgia, Spitzberg ?