North America watches the French masonic scene

Published on by Allan Sanders

Chris Hodapp, well-known and respected author on Freemasonry has posted a brief report on the withdrawal of GLNF Recognition by 5 European Grand Lodges. Being totally objective, his observation that it is amazing that Stifani still manages to have Brethren follow him is telling.

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DrXu 06/14/2012 16:43

Chris Hodapp wrote:
Grand Lodges in New York, Poland, Bulgaria, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland have all withdrawn recognition of the GLNF in the wake of the recent reelection of Grand Master François

Does that mean that the Grand Lodge of New-York definitely withdraw the recognition of the GLNF?

Allan Sanders 06/15/2012 09:56

At this point the grand Lodge of New York has only suspended relations with the GLNF. see "". As for Bulgaria, I'm unaware of any recent change in their position. Quite some months ago they suspended relations. The other Grand Lodges you mention have definitively
withdrawn Recognition as have the 5 German Grand Lodges. Even if you don't speak a word of french watch this video and send it to all your
friends in masonry. They'll understand why we have left the GLNF: