Stifani says "NON !!!"

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Stifani says « NON !!! »


Predictably François Stifani has rejected Alain Juillet’s proposal. linkIn a letter dated April 1st (a coincidence I promise you !!!) he writes :



Most Worshipful Brother,


Although somewhat out of the ordinary, both in its contents and its distribution, I thank you for your letter of March 28th in which you offer your services as Deputy Grand Master. Allow me to question the consequences of this letter. Is it really likely to consolidate the beginnings of a pacification of the situation that we have noticed over the past few weeks.


I do not doubt your sincerity when you believe you can help me under the current circumstances. Like you I regret the deplorable situation in which we find ourselves and the relations that certain brethren have wanted to introduce onto the GLNF and at the same time  congratulating myself that most of them continue to labour in the best Masonic spirit in their Lodges. And this despite the regrettable conditions caused and maintained by a minority within our brotherhood.


As you emphasise we are in a crisis situation that accompanies the legal developments. Not being able to predict their outcome I prefer to expose no-one but myself. No matter what services you think you can offer, no matter what solid grounds you have found for presenting your candidature for a prestigious and very important responsibility I am obliged to reply to you, as we have already spoken on several occasions, it is not the right moment and under the circumstances you letter is ill-timed.


You are not unaware of my analysis of the situation, one that is shared by most of the experienced Brethren of our Obedience. Our GLNF needs reforming and you are involved since I put you in charge of the reform. I noted with pleasure that you had participated actively in the work prior to the study mission that I introduced to accelerate the process. It is the formalisation and achievement of this meaningful project which must occupy our minds for the future. Rather than questions of persons, which will be dealt with at the appropriate moment. I invite you in your best spirit to continue to participate and to bring your valuable assistance to this project.


Hoping that this work will bear its fruit and that in a near future we will be able to put an end to a regrettable episode.


Most worshipful brother I offer you my most fraternal greetings.


François Stifani

Grand Master


Our self-proclaimed spiritual guide has painted himself further into a corner on the opposite side of the room to where the door is. He has rejected what is possibly the only way out left to him. This week the Paris Court of Appeal will hear François Stifani’s appeal against the supreme court decision of December 7th 2010. The decision will be brought down in the next month or so. Most legal experts consider that his appeal has no chance of being accepted. Once thrown out, it will be up to the ad hoc administrator to organise the Annual General Assembly (at last !!!). If the Honorary Consul General for Djibouti in Marseilles is still pretending to be Grand Master there is no way the Lodge delegates will approve the accounts and the budget.


If you read the message behind the words in Alain Juillet’s letter he knows a lot more than what he is saying. The implication is that if François Stifani persists in clinging to his gilded throne, his blue apron with all the baubles and the “fringe” benefits (like weekends in a château in Burgundy at our expense !!!)link, then something far more sinister will come out. Alain Juillet has spent a lifetime very close to the very highest people in the French intelligence service. If anyone knows in which cupboards the skeleton is hidden it’s him !!! And he certainly knows who knows !!!

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