Suggestions for a new Constitution

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Many brethren of the GLNF are wondering about the form it will adopt when re-founded, once the present set up has been discarded.

Suggestions that have been made include the following, but let it be clear; they are only suggestions, which will need to be put to thorough debate in a properly elected assembly.


  • Will have to be re-founded as legal entities under the appropriate French Law of 1901, assuming their own responsibilities for accountancy, and elections etc.
  • Continue to affirm their fidelity to the  G.L.N.F, the rule of 12 (a French version of the landmarks) and create a  form of internal functioning based on a new model.
  • Rites alone will be acknowledged as spiritually authoritative.
  • The currently practised “Rite of Grand Lodge” will be replaced by the old practice of having Grand Lodge opened and closed in the workings of the various Rites, each in turn.
  • G.L hierarchy will re-adopt simplicity, G.L. regalia to be worn by active officers only.
  • G.L. officers shall appear as such in Lodge only if « on duty » as such and prefer a simple master’s apron at all times.
  • Honours with their “pecking orders” will cease.
  • Warrants will be modified to acknowledge the GL at international level and the Rite as spiritual reference.
  • Lodge delegates will be in a majority throughout the structures of the Jurisdiction
  • Creation of new lodges will be put to the question of numbers in existing lodges and/or subject to sponsorship by an existing lodge.  
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Comment on this post

Stephen Burrough 12/18/2010 19:01

I'm afraid that if ever UGLE decides to thrown in its weight to help us, it will be with misgivings if we start talking about doing away with Provincial and Grand regalia and titles. It would seem
urgent over here in France to clear the board of all these ridiculous, unmerited and grotesque "Past Grand" whatsits. But if that were to be done in England, membership of the UGLE might drop
dramatically. UGLE has to understand that most proper French masons (those who enjoy ritual, talks, research, humanism, basic fraternity)do not aspire to stupid titles or expensive aprons.

Big Ben 12/16/2010 20:57

We may have a look about UGLE organisation and other GL to adopt, adapt and improve if possible.
As a french, J know such a way is not quite french but effective.

Stephen Burrough 12/15/2010 18:25

I agree with most of these propositions. My beautiful big blue apron hasn’t been out of its cupboard for a long time !

But these proposals only scratch the surface of the main issue, which is :.

the source of powers ; the separation of powers and, above all, the balance of powers. We all know how much we are in need and in lack of a counter-force and check on the powers of the Grand
So, we must look at the following (in any order)
— the nature of the loge, its degree of autonomy, and perhaps even independance,
— the existence of provinces (personally, I am in favour)
— the way PGMs are designated (by the GM, but after approval by the WMs in the Chairs of the Province ?)
— non-plurality of executive functions (member of the SGC or General Board))
— how the GM is designated
etc, etc...

We need brethren in the legal professions to deal with this and put forward options for our reflexion.Very fraternally
Albert Astières 16558