The Grand Priory says « Leave the GLNF »

Published on by Allan Sanders

Relations between the GLNF and the Rectified Grand Priory for France (Grand Prieuré Rectifié pour la France – GPRF) have been more than strained over the past year or so. Stifani and his clique have done everything possible to drive a wedge between the Obedience and the Jurisdiction.

Now relations are very definitely severed between the two. And the final rupture comes from the GPRF. Prior to that the GLNF had bundled the three Jurisdictions together and broken off relations with all three. Now the Grand Prior has invited members under his authority to resign from the GLNF. As soon as we obtain a copy of the decision we will post it.

Until this announcement, a confusing situation existed and numerous Stifanatics profited from this confusion. It also enabled the more timid of the RER Worshipful Masters to remain firmly seated on the fence, claiming they would make a decision when and only when the Grand Prior had taken a stance. Gentlemen, the decision has been made for you.

Why has the Grand Prior decided now ? Last Saturday Ephesse announced the creation of a new RER Jurisdiction that would march to his tune (just like the SGC). He has already announced a number of appointments. Not surprisingly, they all come from the Riviera !!!

The Grand priory has announced it will take refuge in the Freimaurer Order in Germany, a transitory measure awaiting the Recognition of a Grand Lodge in France (meaning the GL-AMF, obviously !) link

I suggest to RER Brethren, “Don’t wait. And why bother going through the heavyweight procedure of joining an Order in Germany. Join the GL-AMF directly by adhering to the RER Rite House.”

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