Alain Juillet is the ULRF candidate for Grand Master

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Since François Stifani lost the crucial 9th resolution at the February 4th AGM things have moved very quickly, particularly during the meeting chaired by Miss Monique on Friday. Her total about face on the composition of the electoral college offers a real possibility for the opposition to win the Grand Master election, despite a fundamentally conservative Sovereign Grand Committee.


In fact Prior to the February 4th AGM, in a meeting with Alain Juillet, Miss Monique agreed to adopt the pre January 21st, 2011 electoral college, but Justice Kurz’s interpretation of court rulings and logistical problems prevented it. And we all know the fiasco of democracy that resulted on February 4th.


But the statement released by Maître Dumaine-Martin after Friday’s meeting indicates that democracy is on the way back.


It has always been the ULRF –FMR policy to continue the battle within the GLNF structure despite the seemingly endless manoeuvres by Ephesse to block them. At the same time, envisaging the possibility of defeat within or simply getting tired of charging against windmills ULRF – FMR is maintaining a parallel strategy of the construction of a new Grand Lodge. If the opposition carries the day on March 30th the new Obedience can melt back into the glnf; If it loses, that’s so much time gained on the setting up process. And the process of creating a new Obedience gives hope to all those Provinces, Lodges and Brethren who have been suspended, excluded or struck off over the past 27 months.


Given the very real possibility for an opposition candidate to become the new Grand Master of the GLNF the ULRF Board has asked Alain Juillet to stand. He stands for the reform project of Regular French Freemasonry, what we have been asking for these past 27 months. You can consult his declaration here. link


The sovereignty of the Lodges, a Grand Lodge for each Rite respecting its specificity, a lightweight administration of the Obedience, a Grand Master elected by a vote from the Lodges and Masonry being infinitely more important than blue aprons and boring Grand Titles.


If Alain Juillet is elected he has undertaken to hold office for ONE YEAR only, the time necessary to put the most important reforms in place.


Why Alain Juillet ?


For those who claim he joined the opposition at the very last moment we can assure you that even as part of the team working closest to François Stifani he was trying to introduce the reforms necessary to restore order within the GLNF. Way back in April 2011 when he was still the Grand Inspector appointed by Ephesse to introduce reforms he had the courage to front up to Stifani and offer him an honourable solution. And we all know how far that got ! As of that point Alain Juillet openly joined the opposition.


He has held the highest positions and responsibilities within the Obedience : WM of the National Hiram Lodge of Instruction (A&ASR), member of the Council of the Elders, member of the Sovereign Grand Committee, WM 7 or 8 times of various Lodges. His GLNF track record is second to none.


Who is Alain Juillet outside the GLNF ?


In a nutshell, he’s got brains, heart and balls !!!


Lecturer in France’s most elite tertiary institutions, HEC, ENA and the ENM,

Post-graduate diploma from Stanford

5 years as a parachute commando of the “Action” division of the elite SDECE

Sales Director of Ricard in charge of foreign development

Then Suchard Töbler

Then Union Laitière Normande

Strategic advisor to the Développement International de Grands Groupes (government appointment)

Intelligence Director of the DGSE, France’s equivalent of MI5 or the CIA

In charge of Economy Intelligence for the French Prime Minister (and economy intelligence is something lacking in those spheres for far too long)


I repeat, brains, heart and balls !!! No-one can question the intellectual capacity of our Brother, his organisational talents are legendary, he is the most subtle and capable of diplomats and in all areas his courage stands out. 


In a lifetime outside Freemasonry his has been rich in achievements. Alain Juillet has nothing to prove to anyone. Another gong or medal means nothing. That is why Alain Juillet is the man for the job. And he will do the job for just ONE YEAR.


After a year a new election will be held to continue to implement the reforms that will have been put on the rails. There are the necessary abilities among the candidates who have already thrown their hat into the ring for March 30th. Let them continue the job after Alain Juillet has got the machine moving.


BUT, before you get over enthusiastic let’s be realistic as well. 27 months of struggle have taught us that things rarely turn out as they were expected.


Firstly, the declaration coming out of last Friday’s meeting with Miss Monique is on the letterhead of a law firm, not on Miss Monique’s and not on GLNF letterhead. Her signature appears nowhere. And we all have memories of her stating one thing in a meeting with witnesses and her doing exactly the opposite immediately after. Remember the promise for genuine audits of the GLNF and the satellite structures ? Remember the promise to hold the vote at the February 4th AGM with a pre-January 21st, 2011 electoral college ? Remember the promise to provide access to the GLNF principal ledger ?


My middle name is not Thomas but I’m not yet totally convinced.


- - That is why I’ve asked the Brethren of my Lodge to indicate if they want us to pay the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 dues.

- That is why I’m not paying anything to the Province and/or Pisan without knowing exactly how much and for which year.

- - That is why I’ll be asking Miss Monique to allow us to pay by instalments (if we pay anything at all).

- - That is why I’ve already prepared the registered letter to Miss Monique via FMR and Maître Teitgen requesting that she quash my Lodge's “illegal” suspension of October 22nd last year.

- - That is why I’m encouraging each and every one of you to join the ULRF individually if you haven’t already done so.

- - That is why I believe the only solution is to support the ULRF in its parallel programme of Alain Juillet as candidate for Grand Master on March 30th and the continuing development of the new Grand Lodge.

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