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LML in English is proud to post this article from an English Brother who is WM of a GLNF Lodge in Dieppe, Nromandy.


Seasons Greetings to all on this and other Blogs. Please excuse me writting in English but my French is very much schoolboy standard. I'm sure that one of the Moderators will translate in full.


I am a Founder of St Jacques de Dieppe 1228 and the current WM of Duquesne Lodge 48 meeting in Dieppe. I have been a member of GLNF for 15 years and Secretary of Duquesne for 12 of them. I first went through the Chair in 1996 in London and am still a member of Lodges in the UK as well as Santiago de Compostella in Spain where I am also a Founder.


I wanted to post a few words at this time of the year to let you all know that although there are many of us "over the water" we are 100% in support of a new administration. The ravings of the meglomaniac FS must cease. He brings Freemasonry into disrepute but more particularly he is damaging French Freemasonry which I love with all my heart.


In my London Lodge that meets at Grand Lodge, Great Queen Street we have many members that are also members in France. We are all of the same opinion - FS must go!!


So, Dear Brethren, stand tall. You are not alone. We may be in another country, we may be of a different juristriction, we may speak a different language but we are FRENCH FREEMASONS! We shout this proudly to any that will listen. We defend France as if it were our own country.


We love our trips to Dieppe. We will be back in April and June. We will be holding our Ladies Night in Dieppe in June and will be accompanied by many members of other English Lodges. This is the strength of support that we have. We will prevail. French Freemasonry will survive. It is just a matter of time. If any of you want to join us in June at a Lodge meeting and/or the Casino de Dieppe feel free to join us. We are French Freemasons one and all.


May the Great Architect bless us all with health and happiness and assist us in forming a new, accepted constitution. 2012 is our year.


Sorry to go on but I am very passionate about my Freemasonry, particularly in France. It is my family and masonic Brothers deserve the same protection I would afford to a blood Brother. 


I was not forced to join GLNF. I had a choice as did all non resident masons. We chose France and we still choose France. I wish we could do more.


John Sage. WM Duquesne Lodge 48, Neustrie, France.

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Jane Philpott 10/02/2015 23:32

Dear brothers, an interesting problem. I wonder if this dated issue will ever become relevant or important in a modern and equal world? A first world problem. Alas Winnie, you are the fortunate one in this situation. A self centred, righteous group of people, from my experience. Best wishes

Tony Calvert 12/31/2011 17:33

As an Englishman and Freemason in the UK, who has been living in France for the past 6 years, I was happily thinking of joining a lodge in France. After making some enquiries I was steered to this
blog site and have been following this unbelievable story of François Stifani. A story that defies belief and could not have been dreamed up by a Hollywood screen writer, such a sorry story of wow
which is so alien to the teachings of Freemasonry and brotherhood. Perhaps surprisingly I have just two questions: Assuming the man in question did not become a megalomaniac overnight how in the
name of all things holy did he get to be a Freemason in a Masonic lodge as a brother let alone a position of such power and authority. The second question is how we Masonic brothers make sure it
can NEVER be repeated.
I believe the movement is strong and will survive and will ones again prosper. However, the damage currently being done to the order is in my view intolerable.

Winnie 01/02/2012 19:21

Brother Tony, Those who haven't had to suffer the crisis on a daily basis for more than 2 years now can only try to imagine what we have been

How did Stifani become a Mason in the first place ? Many of us wonder but the answer lies in what is considered normal behaviour on the French Riviera
business circles. 

How can we ensure that such a thing can never occur again ? Once we've got rid of Stifani and his ever-diminishing band of "fawnicators" there must be a
complete reform of the statutes with the necessary safeguards and a democratic vote by a truly representative electoral college.

English Brother 12/28/2011 18:42

But Winnie, if those visiting Brethren are defying a prohibition by their own GLs (as in the case of the Swiss Brethren mentioned above), then encouraging them to make illegal visits is not the way
to convince the foreign GLs that the opponents of FS are committed to regularity! On the contrary, it may convince foreign GLs that ULRF is just as irregular as FS. It's not worth the risk - better
to discourage all visits.

Winnie 12/29/2011 16:54

Nowhere did I say that the Swiss were encouraged to make an illegal visit. The speech I heard from the Swiss WM clearly stated that their delegation would
not have missed the event for anything, and that they had come of their own volition and in clear understanding of the difficult existing situation. I was a visitor myself and cannot speak for
the host Lodge or its Brethren. And I have yet to see ULRF, FMR or any of the other formally constituted opposition bodies encourage foreign Brethren to defy their GL's official

English Brother 12/27/2011 23:48

I'm not convinced, Tamino. Encouraging an undisciplined free-for-all on questions of regularity and recognition is unlikely to be helpful to the cause of ULRF. The system of international
recognition between GLs relies on the assumption that such decisions are taken collectively and followed by all members within each Jurisdiction. If other Jurisdictions become convinced that
Brethren in some particular country will not respect collective decisions, then recognition of that country's Lodges will be highly unlikely! Thus, if ULRF seek to restore regularity and
recognition in France, then they need to be seen to be standing for strict adherence to established customs, not encouraging prohibited visiting.

My recommendation to ULRF is that (for the duration of the present crisis) they should publicly deprecate all visiting to GLNF from all other Jurisdictions (which would clearly be in accordance
with the wishes of most other European GLs).

Winnie 12/28/2011 10:42

The lack of discipline is to be found at the top of the GLNF heirarchy. The GLNF decision to suspend relations with the UGLE was taken solely by François
Stifani. There was no consultation with any legally constituted internal committee or commission, the previous meeting of the SGC having occured way back in December 2010. The ULRF and all the
opposition components that have signed the agreement recognise no decisions made by François Stifani since his resignation in January. That is why we continue to welcome visiting Brethren from
other Grand Lodges.

Gerry Brown 12/27/2011 22:51

To W.Bro. John Sage. Well said and totally agree with you. Many of my friends on both sides of the channel are sad at the way GLNF is being torn apart and that visiting to and from France is now
difficult if not impossible because of really just one person. Sadly perhaps before to long we may have to make a decision to stay within GLNF or give up UGLE.
Not easy. W.Bro.Gerry Brown 5427. PS I will be in Dieppe for new year. Great town nearly as nice as Arras. (smile)

Winnie 12/28/2011 10:35

Thank you for your support. Working together we will find a solution, calm will be restored and GLNF and UGLE Brethren will once again be able to visit each
other's Lodges.