Better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick !!!

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Miss Monique earns 166 000 euros per month, a total in the vicinity of 1 million euros for the 10 months since her appointment on January 24th by Patrice KURZ, Vice president of the Paris Supreme Court. The figure is revealed by L’Express journalist, François Koch in his blog


He quotes an excellent source within the court system. The same source confirms that this sum is for Maître Legrand herself, her assistants Maître Stéphane DUMAINE-MARTIN (lawyer) and Mr Thierry BELLOT (accountant) receiving additional emoluments. The 1 million euros total for Miss Monique appears to be questioned by sources within the Pisan bunker which spoke of 980 000 € to 998 000 € for the 6 month period from February to July.


If we accept the figure of 1 million euros (that’s the more conservative amount) that means that 3333 Brethren have banded together to pay Miss Monique, roughly 2 entire Provinces of our noble institution !


The Brethren are justifiably amazed at these figures since Miss Monique has shown little if any evidence of progressing in the task attributed to her, other than to persistently demand unvoted dues and unlawful “exceptional contributions” from the GLNF membership. She was appointed to organise the GLNF Association AGM “without delay”. LML in English and the Administrator obviously have differing appreciations of the term !


Her initial mandate of 6 months was extended an additional 6 in July and ends on January 23rd, 2012. There are strong rumours that her revocation is pending. One thing is certain, the Brethren will not tolerate an additional extension without concrete evidence of what she has done and intends to do.

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John Sage 12/02/2011 20:13

Shit! I wish I could speak French. I'd do the job for half the money.
Miss Monique is obviously adopting the English Civil Servant mentality (I know, I was one in the Fraud investigation department D of E). Basically if you don't make a decision you can never be
wrong and keep your job for ever! Is she having an affair with FS?

Winnie 12/04/2011 11:48

You don't need to speak Franch to count columns of figures and press the "send" button once you've tapped your account number and 166 000 € ! After
yesterday's amsquerade at levallois Perret, if there is question of an affair it's between Legrand and Le Petit !!!