Blue apron with gilded baubles for the highest bidder !!!

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I thought that even in these troubled times the qualities necessary for the title of Provincial Grand Master would include an impeccable character unblemished by such things as a charge of libel before the criminal courts. But with so many Brethren rejecting François Stifani and all he stands for no doubt he must accept the best that is on offer, court case or not. And French justice is renowned for protecting the presumption of innocence.


So readers of LML in English will not be surprised at learning that Sébastien Dulac has been named Provincial Grand Master of Paris Province. We can overlook the illegitimate nature of this nomination since it came from François Stifani, who has no right to use GLNF letterhead. For those with a short memory it was Brother Dulac who received abnormally large advance commissions for preparing the official centenary history of the GLNF (that’s putting the cart before the horse because in these troubled times there are no guarantees that the GLNF will make 3 figures). Brother Dulac was almost the sole writer of articles for “Acacia”, the now defunct, but until recently, propaganda blog for the Pisan 3rd floor bunker and obviously he is a close collaborator of François Stifani, one of the few remaining.


Brother Dulac’s difficulties have only just begun. Now he has got his big blue apron plus gilded baubles his first task is to create his college of Provincial Grand Officers. Big problem for the new boy on the PGM list ! In these troubled times the market in blue aprons is even lower than Greek Government Treasury bonds. No-one wants to be seen dead in a blue apron, particularly one that links you immediately to François Stifani’s most recent Minister for Propaganda.


But Brother Dulac has shown even more imagination than when he was pulling the “Acacia” wool over our eyes. He’s put the Paris Province blue apron market out to tender. Blue aprons with gilded baubles to the highest bidder. I’m surprised no-one hadn’t though of it before.


I’ll spare you the reading of the entire letter he has sent to the Paris Province Brethren. link


The important paragraph reads :


“I am currently working on the formation of the Provincial College and I invite those Brothers who wish to make themselves available to serve their Brethren and give a little of their time to others, those who wish to be part of a team to serve the Lodges, those who have already served in a college or have already been Worshipful Master of a Lodge, to contact me directly so that we can envisage together what type of action they would be able to undertake within the Provincial Grand Lodge of Paris.”


Brother Dulac, why not put your announcement on E-Bay ? Great network and I’m sure a blue apron would look great accompanying the ad !!! A week should suffice to fill the positions. What’s the reserve price ? I’d put Deputy PGM much higher than Provincial Sword Bearer.

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