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A Spanish article appearing on El Confidencial on January 28th   

Resumed and Translated by Arturusrex


El Confidencial :


Some 10 000 French Freemasons seek membership of the Spanish Grand Lodge (GLE)


French masonry is going through bad times. As many as 10 000 masons of France have applied to quit the GLNF and join the GLE (Gran Logia de España), an unprecedented exodus for this organization. The greatest crisis in their history is provoked by the political escapades of its Grand Master, François Stifani,

Why? Masons have two taboos: religion and politics. All members can be involved in all these activities but must keep them separate and avoid proselytism.

Stifani broke the rules on January 19th 2009 by writing to President Sarkozy a letter expressing his support to him and to several members of his cabinet and intimate collaborators, such as Christian Blanc (who was forced to resign last year for corruption), Brice Hortefeux (present Minister of the Interior), Roger Karoutchi, Hubert Falco and Christine Boutin……

…. On February 5th, Sarkozy replied (officially), saying that his (Stifani’s) message had greatly touched him. ……..


(Translator’s note: there  follows a recap of the events  we know, leading to the present day situation)

Before their next General Assembly, a group of French masons of the GLNF has been in contact with their Spanish counterparts in the border regions of  Catalunya, Aragon, Navarra and the Basque Country to examine the possibility of escaping from the ranks of the GLNF  in France to join Spanish lodges.

Strong links exist between the French and the Spanish organizations, both being known as “regular” and recognized by the UGLE…..

Sources consulted by El Confidencial within the Spanish Grand Lodge indicate that “there have been approaches from French brethren to know if the Spanish Grand Lodge would open its doors to them as their own organisation has suffered severely from the present Grand Master’s doings”.

The same sources emphasize that the GLNF crisis is a major one causing many of its members to resign in disgust at the way it has been manipulated politically. ;….”



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GMX 01/31/2011 16:30

10 000 in Spain! + Those that flee to Belgium, Switzerland, Italy & England…? Those who resigned all together, those who went to other French obedience & last but not least, those who want
to change the circus in which we are! That you should add up to quite a few, isn’t it?
It is hard to believe that our puppets crew and its mad helmsman haven’t figured it out yet? By dint of sitting on its own brain, one forgets the horizon.
More amazing is the short sight of those who lesson to or watch the news & do not understand the difference between leadership and mob rule.
We are experimenting interesting times where good & evil manifest itself once more in our ranks.
The “closing of Janus” is yet to come…

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Winnie 01/31/2011 15:58

The idea of ten thousand penguins crossing the Pyrénées in the dead of Winter must have the imported Slovenian wolves and bears salivating !!