François Stifani, President once again !!!

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On December 29th LML in English informed you of manœuvres to resurrect the GLNF Association board of directors (BALLOO ballyhoo… the GLNF board does a « Lazarus »).

What we didn’t suspect was that François Stifani intended to occupy the position of President once again. All was revealed yesterday afternoon by François Koch link. A board meeting chaired by false DGM Al CANO, and attended by Balloo the Legal Bear cleverly disguised as a false Grand Orator, and the so-called Grand Treasurer, Etienne Latreille, asked François Stifani to accept the position of president, which he accepted. Big Moustache did not attend but mandated Etienne Latreille to represent him. In other words, he was aware of the meeting and approved its agenda. Note the names because there will be sanctions.

Despite her being the sole person authorised to administer the GLNF Association Miss Monique did not attend the meeting, suggesting that it does not form part of her mission. If chairing a board meeting of the association does not form part of her duties I’d like to know what does. For the past 12 months she has done very little else.

In a lame faced attempt to justify the manoeuvres it was claimed that François Stifani did not resign on January 21st, 2011. He had merely “abstained from exercising his functions for the past year in order to concentrate on the spiritual aspects”. We have seen very little evidence of efforts in the spiritual sphere from Ephesse. In fact, I doubt if he even knows how to spell the word !

But he certainly know how to spell “resign”. He heard it often enough on the afternoon of December 3rd at Levallois Perret and he wrote to the PGMs on January 28th, 2011 at 2.37 p.m. :

“…I have decided to RESIGN from my function of president of the association…”

François Stifani resigned a year ago in order to avoid an AGM where the court had ordered that his revocation be placed on the agenda. If he was no longer president he could not be revoked. Now that the court has declared the GM to be merely the masonic expression of the presidency François Stifani has lost what he most wants to keep, his big blue apron and all the associated advantages. How to get it all back ? This is the object of yesterday’s outrageous and ridiculous manoeuvre.

Tomorrow Maître Teitgen, representing 14 members of FMR will ask the court to revoke Miss Monique on the basis of her failure to do what she was named to do. The resurrected board intends making a submission that there is no need to revoke her since with a president and a board in place the administrator has become superfluous.

All this posturing pretends that we are all sufficiently stupid to swallow this pack of baloney. It achieves nothing because the obligation to hold an AGM still stands and the obligation to place the president’s revocation on the agenda also.


The ULRF – FMR – Myosotis was quick to react issuing a declaration from which LML in English reproduces the following extract : link

“This resignation (by François Stifani on January 21st, 2011) is irrevocable according to jurisprudence. The Cour de Cassation (the highest court in French justice) has ruled “that the resignation by the director of an association or society constitutes a unilateral legal action which needs no acceptance and can not be the object of a retraction except if the author demonstrates that his will was not free and lucid”…”

This latest manoeuvre by François Stifani, ready to clutch at the slightest straw put up by his ever-more hysterical counsellors is grossly stupid. The only possible result , no matter how long it will take to organise, is for François Stifani to find himself confronted by the same electoral college that existed for the last legitimate AGM in March 2010, an electoral college vastly different and infinitely more hostile than the one he has constituted over the past twelve months by sacking all opposition, suspending Lodges and Provinces and distributing blue aprons by the truckload.

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