It’s raining writs !!!

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And who said the French judges were overworked ? All alone the GLNF blue apron brigade keep an abnormally large number of our magistrates more than occupied (and at our expense, in general, not only as taxpayers, but as sometime payers of GLNF dues).

François Koch of L'Express reports : link

Ephesse has issued yet another writ, against Miss Monique this time. No, he’s not  filing for divorce, despite a decided cooling since February 4th. This time Ephesse sees real danger in the election of a new Grand Master at the meeting of the SGC on March 30th.


His writ claims Miss Monique :


has overstepped her powers as administrator in calling for the election of the new Grand Master (we note that Ephesse has decided to be in the game since he has lodged his candidature)


has disregarded the rules governing the election of grand Master by deciding upon a two round ballot


We are not fooled by this latest delaying tactic, which closely follows the writ by Balloo the Legal Bear and his two outrageous letters to the SGC and Miss Monique. It is all part of a carefully orchestrated campaign to get a few days closer to the first Saturday in December 2012 (or 2017 ???). Like Balloo’s writ the judge will examine it at the first hearing, will decide he needs to think about it and place it on the agenda at a later hearing in a month or two.


Meanwhile Miss Monique continues to organise the March 30th meeting and election. But our options seem to have narrowed since last Friday. Now it’s “Pay up, pay everything, not just a bit, and if you’re lucky the commission might lift your suspension and, with even more luck, you might just get to vote at a future AGM.” Well, I can assure you Winnie is not going down that track. Even if the commission lifts my Lodges suspension there is no way my Lodge is coughing up 5901 € before March 15th.


A final observation : Ephesse has issued the writ out of his law office in Juan les pins, naming the law firm of  Guy Ferreboeuf, attached to the Grasse Court. Grasse, world perfume capital : aybe he hopes to come up smelling of roses ! One thing is sure, he no longer has access to the Pisan 3rd floor and the GLNF mailing list.

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Marshmuchmulcher 03/03/2012 20:30

Dear Old Winnie
The Poo, as I remember it, correct?
We must be about the same age, or you are a little older than I.But I love the name
I hope you are not a lawyer involved in these lucrative debates; a) all legal debates are lucrative and more and more so for the lawyers involved the longer the niceties of their deliberations can
be drawn out and not resolved.(I do not consider these people other than jackals and shite-hawks feeding on our remains) And b) because we do not need these people or lawyers to go ahead with the
new Grand Lodge to be founded this month. Let us leave the wireworms to wriggle their way though our last year's carrot roots until we find time to squirt them with a dose of something hopefully
organic, but in any case efficient to kill them off! And in the meantime let us get on with ournext mulchings and found the new Grand lodge.
If the dung which everybody doesn't realise how valuable it is once rotted down, is strewn in the right places, we should be able to see good results by the Autumn. Then the bees will be there and
perhaps also some friendly toffers from London to see if it is all to their palates and acceptable. The wine harvest falls about that time, doesn't it? And if it isn't to their high standards in
such a short time, we'll just get on with the Business of the day, whatever!
How do you feel about it?
Yourn in the spirit of it all. Marshmuchmulcher

Winnie 03/05/2012 18:03

Pooh with a "haitch" please ! If I can paraphrase A.A. Milne, on my 5th birthday copy, chapter "Piglet meets a heffalump", page 61 could be talking about
Balloo the Legal Bear and other legal eagles with their hands in the GLNF munny hunny jar :


"It's very, very funny,

'Cos I know I had some money;

'Cos it had a label on,

                   Saying MUNNY.

A goloptious full-up pot too,

And I don't know where it's got to,

No, I don't know where it's gone ----

                    Well, it's funny."

With apologies to A.A. Milne for the liberty taken !!!