January 19th NEWS

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The following are translations of excerpts from articles appearing on the other blogs.     

LML in English has the feeling that today and the coming week will see crucial developments in the crisis.

1      From LML (in French)
We all remember the shout of victory that went up from the GLNF directorate when the Court decided on December 7th 2010 and confirmed on January 5th that it did not judge appropriate to appoint an ad-hoc Administrator as requested by the Plaintiffs.
But now, it is the president of our Association who suddenly opts for that solution. A first request made by him for an ad-hoc administrator was rejected by the Court last week and the immediate execution of the order to hold a general assembly (with the item of business “To revoke the president, F. Stifani”) was reiterated.
It is now known that today, January 19th F.Stifani is to meet a person who may be appointed as administrator, on the pretext that he is no longer able personally to assume his Office of President.
This is obviously another manœuvre to gain time. But time for what?

2      On Wednesday January 19th, nine Masonic and para-masonic bodies of France held a joint press conference to define their common points in respect to “Masonic ethics”.
Naturally, the GLNF, not present, came in for criticism, well expressed in one paragraph in which the participants in unison deplored that the obscure ways of functioning of the GLNF marred the name of Freemasonry in general.

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