Rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic !!!

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Are the rats leaving the sinking ship or could it be that they are attempting to cover the traces of where they’ve been ?


César and the regular clients at Le Bar de La Marine link have been paying close attention to an announcement in one of those publications used by lawyers, solicitors and other men of the law to advertise creations of companies, changes in the Board, etc. The publication in question, the July 27th, 2011 edition of “TPBM Semaine en Provence” gives details of important modifications to a company based in Luc in the Var Department, that part of France where the sun shines, the cicadas sing (or whatever cicadas do !) and where they make wine whose name gives heavenly connotations. You could easily believe you were in Paradise, Château Paradis in fact.


The first observation is the date of the publication, July 27th, just prior to the heaviest weekend of the year for holiday departures and returns. Few people in France spend much time reading legal announcements at the end of July. And therefore, an excellent moment to publish what must be published, but very discreetly. Particularly discreet when it details a Board decision dated May 28th, a full two months previously ! A chance choice of date ? Chance like the lodging of documents with the wrong branch of the court !


The announcement concerns the resignation of certain members of the Board of the FOELLNER HOLDING S.A., in fact the three principal administrators of the firm, who, by chance (again !), just happen to be highly placed Brethren of the Stifani –Foellner clique at the top of the GLNF tree.


In alphabetical order :


Bernard BOUC____, Big Moustache’s notary. He replaced Big Moustache’s previous notary, Jean Auss_____, from Vidauban (also Grand Secretary of the GLNF), who retired recently. Before selling his practice he had witnessed the signing of the will of an extremely rich and very old man from the Auvergne Region. 75% of the estate went to the GLNF Foundation. The legality of the will has been contested by the deceased’s nieces who have brought the case before the courts on the basis of “fraudulous abuse of weakness or ignorance”. Our resigning administrator, Bernard BOUC_____, just happens to be the son-in-law of the Stifanatical supporter based in Septimanie Province, François-Xavier d’E_____ de B___, he who criticises Ephesse 1st at every turn but continues to actively support him by such acts as the suspension of the La Perle de la Lumière Lodge.


The second resigning administrator is the GLNF Administrative and Financial Director, Henry the Beancounter. You know, the one who distributes undated and unsigned letters for Miss Monique, who still has to supply certain documents she has been requesting for ages but whom she sends to represent her at a meeting of the Board of yet another of the nebulous GLNF satellite structures on the Riviera, the celebrated SCI La Truelle. Perhaps henry’s methods and amnesia go down well with the “Frères de la Côte”.


And the third resigning administrator is none other than Ephesse 1st , self-proclaimed spiritual guide to the Brethren, recipient of unsolicited correspondence from the Elysée Palace and great buddy of Central African potentates. The ultimate and sole link between we mere mortals and the Great Architect, he who has the gall (check the spelling ???) to pretend that he broke off relations with the UGLE and who, as a Board member of the FOELLNER HOLDING SA,  freely gives tax and financial advice to Big Moustache and his Djibouti-born wife (don’t forget that Ephesse 1st carries a diplomatic passport as Honorary Consul General for Djibouti in Marseilles).


So what do these three simultaneous resignations mean ?


Faced with the international scorn and disapproval and the almost unanimous withdrawal of international masonic recognition, are they jumping ship, leaving the web of Foellnerian financial structures to try to untangle itself ?


Over a pastis or three César and the other regular clients at the Bar de La Marine feel that the additional time granted to the 3 ruffian Fellow Craft by Miss Monique’s extra  6 months are putting it to good use by discreetly erasing the traces of inter-company affairs and evidence of confusion of interests between the GLNF management and private affairs (you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours !), all this after having the accounts approved according to Hoyle. Well, in this case, the discretion is right out in the open, under the arc lights !!!


Since our African Brethren have started to feel the Ephesse 1st is no longer the flavour of the month, perhaps further interesting revelations will be coming to light from those distant shores.


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