The flagship is taking water !!!

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The flagship is taking water !!!


The rats left the ship quite some time ago, the crew are making mutinous remarks and now even the officiers are looking more and more like Fletcher Christian !! 

Like dominoes the Provinces have begun to “topple” one after the other !!


Last Friday February 25th the publication on Myosotis of a report sent to the EX-GM by the PGM of Auvergne Province was the signal at Pisan for the few remaining rats to abandon ship.


LML in English reproduces the letter :


Letter to François Stifani from Philippe Martin

PGM of Auvergne Province


Unable to be present at the PGMs meeting on March 8th 2011 and to reply to your request for a contribution I must inform you of the situation in the Auvergne province. I will do so frankly without seeking to be “politically correct”.


The assessment is unfortunately pessimistic and I fear that the situation will rapidly become untenable.


Firstly you must know that a majority of the brethren consider the chair of grand master to be vacant. And consequently, each ordinance addressed to the Lodges is considered invalid and, as such, is not read in Lodge.


As to the virtual unanimity of the other brethren they are outraged by the events :


Outraged to see our affairs spread out before the general public

Outraged at the multiplication of procedures that resemble more the outside world rather than masonic ideals

Outraged to see their fees being used to remunerate lawyers and diverse advisors

Outraged to witness such ferocious determination which, the longer things go on, lead them to imagine the worst


It is not easy to say but the vast majority of the Auvergne Brethren no longer support the situation and want to see the current management team replaced,  they have no confidence in it, and they want new statutes that would prevent such disorder in the future. They feel that in the light of what has occurred, the current team is no longer qualified to implement the desired reforms.


Be that as it may, it seems that only a minority have joined FMR and virtually all the Lodges follow the instructions of the administrator (payment of the fees)


As for me I try to manage my Province as best I can, so that the brethren can practice their art with a maximum of serenity, but personally I can no longer defend the undefendable. I manage the daily affairs, directed as I am by a court appointed administrator.


This report has been drawn up using information passed on by the Deputy PGM, the Assistant PGMs, Inspectors and my own meetings with the WMs and the Brethren.


I fear that the determination to continue as we are will end in disorder most prejudicial to our Order.


Will wisdom prevail over ambition ?


Philippe Martin

Most Worthy PGM



Having taken the time to read the letter  our self-proclaimed spiritual guide shot off 2 himself, the first to the PGM author and the second to all the other PGMs.


With his usual perfidy he wrote, “It pained me to note in you a certain discouragement that could have influenced the feelings of the Brethren of your Province.” Translation : It’s YOUR fault if the Brethren in your Province think bad of me. Follows a bawling out for not having kept his report secret. “You will understand my wish that this sort of documents doesn’t fall into the hands of those who are ill-intentioned with regard to the GLNF…”


BINGO !!! Mission failed !! FMR was on the lookout and we immediately announced what an “honest” PGM had done, his job, nothing more, nothing less.


François Stifani insists on the fact that the PGM had been requested to reply “DIRECTLY” to him and only to him…….so he could control the information.


If that’s not a totalitarian regime, what is ?


To all the other PGMs he writes that “the too numerous absences (of the PGM in particular) from meetings place him in a situation where he cannot give the best replies to the Brethren of his province who, like others, are certainly anxious, legal transformations for which a certain opposition is responsible…”


So, “ZERO” given by the”MASTER” to the bad pupil, absent too frequently.


What’s more: a diabolisation of all opposition whom he blames for the current court procedures or appeals of which he is the personal instigateur. The height of insincerity !!


Second failure !! two days later a second PGM put pen to paper to the pseudo-GM EX- President who resigned of his own free will letting him know the state of affairs in his Province, exactly what you are experiencing every day in your Province, in your Lodge and in discussion with your Brothers.


LML reproduces the entire letter :


 Dated February 27th 2011-03-03


Reference : Your letter of February 18th


Most Worshipful Grand Master,


In reply to your letter of the 18th of this month in which you invite the PGMs to inform you on the current problems, may I present the following points to you :


  1. The current crisis is deepening and it has already had considerable negative effects upon the GLNF, the Lodges, the brethren and overall regular Freemasonry in France.



  1. The Brethren consider that the current managing team must step aside and leave their place for men above all suspicion.



  1. I have already informed you of my anxiety about the future of the GLNF by requesting you to organise the election of a new Grand Master (e-mail of March 28th 2010 and letter of April 29th 2010). The only effect of these two messages has been a deterioration in our relations, your seeking to find another Brother to replace me and your sending two Assistant GMs last October 30th to find a solution to what you consider to be the problem in my Province.



  1. During my visits the Brethren and the WMs express a single desire : a change in the current management. They consider that new men must instigate the reforms necessary for the survival of our GLNF.



  1. Current situation :


  1. The current management is rejected
  2. Since 1913 no Grand master has supported the thesis of a dichotomy of the functions of Grand Master and president of the Association. The Brethren consider that you are playing with words, with the legal aspects and procedures, without taking into account that in their eyes you have lost you legitimacy. For the Brethren, the Grand Mastership and the presidency of the GLNF Association are one and the same, as they have always been.
  3. On the international front the GLNF is less and less appreciated by a certain number of Grand Lodges :


The letters sent by 3 French-speaking Grand Lodges

The letter from the UGLE dated the day after the visit by our past (resigned) Deputy GM, the Most Worthy Brother Jean-Claude Tardivat.

The absence of representatives of the grand Lodges of Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg at the consecration of the grand Lodge of Monaco. And, like me, you know the reason for their absence.


  1. Concerning our relations with the structures in charge of the paths of perfection :


The joint letters from the structures in charge of those degrees above the first three in the A&AS Rite, the RS Rite and the F Rite express a profound discomfort

Their last letter which can be interpreted as a direct intervention in the affairs of the GLNF

The letter from the GM of the GL of MMF sent to the Most Worthy brother Dominique Doyen which announces that it no longer recognises the authority of the GM of the GLNF to sign ordinances of reintegration, etc…


  1. As you can see there exists a whole series of reasons for a new management team with the Brethren’s confidence to run the GLNF. For that, to me the ideal situation would be :


  1. Replace the current Sovereign Grand Committee with that in place in March 2010
  2. Name an honest deputy GM who is not close to you and that, after the agreement of the reformed SGC as in point 6a.
  3. Give all powers to the Deputy GM to put in place the reforms desired by the brethren and then, organise the election of the future GM of the GLNF. Currently I can see only two men capable of succeeding in such a heavy task.


I suppose that when you receive this letter you will once again designate two Assistant GMs to come to Grenoble to find a solution to the problem in my Province, as was the case last October 30th. The problem doesn’t lie with the Dauphiné Savoie Province, nor with me, the problem is within all the GLNF.


Regrettable for medical reasons I will be unable to be present at the March 8th meeting but I will be there for that of March 18th.


Zavoche Houchangnia, PGM Dauphiné Savoie Province


Copy sent to all the PGMs of the GLNF


Let us salute the Courage (in Latin it is written “VIRTUS”, the quality that determines the value of Man, morally and physically –Gaffiot Dictionary), “VIRTUE” in Freemasonry….of the two PGMs who dare to tell the “Ogre of Pisan” what so many other PGMs know well but prefer to remain silent.


Courage my Brethren, as in our Brother Mozart’s “Magic Flute”, good will prevail over evil!! 



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