When the news is bad, kill the messenger !

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When the Ancient Greeks received bad news they took it out on the poor sod who brought the news; he got the knife. From his eyrie in Antibes, it seems François Stifani has been seeking inspiration in the ancient customs of the Peleponnese.


One of his most faithful apparatchiks has been given the shove without the slightest sentiment or consultation. Raymond Sasia, lifetime faithful servant of the French Republic, has been “thrown out like a footman”. Sasia, famous for his role as personal bodyguard to President de Gaulle, one of the finest sharpshooters France has produced, former soldier, Resistance fighter, top policeman who worked closely with 10 successive Ministers of the Interior, recipient of a multitude of top decorations from the Republic (including the Legion d’Honneur that was refused to Stifani) accepted to reconstitute the Council of the Wise after its en bloc resignation.


In his blog, “La Lumière” link journalist, François Koch of the French current affairs weekly « L’Express » reveals the exchange of correspondence between the ex-Grand Master and Sasia. In mid-May the Council of the Wise resigned because François Stifani did not consult them. Stifani called upon Sasia to reconstitute the Council. Just 3 months later Stifani sent him an e-mail informing Sasia that he (Stifani) had “taken the initiative to free him of that charge”. No telephone call, no meeting, no consultation whatsoever, just a cold, impersonal e-mail.


But Sasia isn’t one to take such treatment lying down. In his reply he informs Stifani that over the past 3 months the various Brethren he approached “…all accepted to work beside him on the Council but categorically refused to work under Stifani whom they no longer recognised as Grand Master.”


Sasia ends his reply with the following salvo, in keeping with his habit of hitting the target : “All your impulsive decisions of suspension, striking off or of nomination of certain of our Brethren have brought greater prejudice than they have served your cause.”


Sasia’s replacement, National Treasurer, Dominique Le Guerinel, is considered more docile than the former marksman and bodyguard, perfect lapdog material for he who was unsuccessful in his request for the Légion d’Honneur.

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Arturusrex 08/24/2011 14:48

It is reassuring, in a way, to know that we have a sharpshooter on our side now.... if he is on our side.
We have often heard that Stifani is protected by armed body-guards, brothers, presumably.
That is normal, I suppose, in a brotherhood or fraternity.
Ever since there were brothers in this creation, namely, Cain and Able, brothers have given rise to the word fratricide.
You do not intentionally kill a friend. (or else, he is not your friend)
But kill a brother, yes, that is a legendry, historical and actual present day possibility, if not obligation, according to our traditions. .
I've said this before and always fallen on deaf ears.
No doubt today also.
The term "botherly love" is self-contradictory, in many cases.
Since I have been in "regular" French masonry, the Province has always provided me with many examples of brotherly hatred.
North of the Channel, I have never witnessed the Cain and Abel syndrome to the extent that it is characteristic of French masonry.
Our ex Grand master Stifani is a perfect manipulator of this phenomenon. He is Cain.
And we are Able, but, unfortunately, it would seem, not very able.

Winnie 08/24/2011 14:51

Maybe the "F" in GLNF stands for "fratricide". Able we may be, but we need the other 2 Brothers, Ready & Willing, to help us out of this